When Gossip comes

Gossip is everywhere, call it whatever you like: tales dirty laundry slander rumors… we are all guilty as well as victims of the whispers that unleash in the air like toxic gas. I am only here suggesting to practice a new way for blocking these ongoing old farts.   When someone charges, loaded with gossip, you … More When Gossip comes

Secret: Best Day

  How do your mornings start?: Annoying alarm? Being late? Cup of coffee that spills on your clothes? Remembering you had a assignment to do that day? Getting all the kids ready? Driving through traffic or being bumped in a crowded bus?   However your morning starts and however you feel (frustrated, exhausted, stressed, not wanted … More Secret: Best Day

In the Midst of Chaos

November 8th 2015, our group, Front line is performing at our church All people’s church this beautiful song by Forever Jones – Every Moment you can watch our group live here (included in the 9:00 am service and 11:15 am service)   This is a powerful song about hope and courage. God holds our every moment, lets walk with … More In the Midst of Chaos

Pick up my sword

My heart is glad to know that in the times I feel alone, God is there for me, He is fighting for me. In your times of struggles, know He is still there beside you, believe it with all your might. Close your eyes and thank Him for all He has already done for you. Love … More Pick up my sword