Save Time, Shop Your Wardrobe’s Primary Color

by: Danielle Ternyila, Zyia Active Independent Rep

We all have a color we favor in our closet, or sometimes it can be by season. In the winter I always seem to be in black, but the go-to color is always a dark red or burgundy. During the summer and warmer seasons, I’m in neutrals with the addition of lots of pink! Those are easily my best go-to’s, but it took a while before I accepted that I do have favorites that I will just always reach for.

Having a primary color in your wardrobe isn’t a bad thing! It can actually save you time picking out your outfits each day when everything is so easy to match. No one says you have to wear something different every day, and there’s something to be said about having your own personal style!

If it’s your primary color, you know you’ll love it, and it will serve a purpose in your closet. Freshen up your wardrobe with some new additions that you know will fit in! Don’t see your color? Tell us in the comments!

Relaxed Reds

Cranberry is one of my favorites, like I said, and my clothing boutique has so many similar dark red shades! I get the most wear out of my Brick Parallel Tank (bottom right) that I wear with a blazer to the office or with a sweater for casual wear; the ribbed texture is flattering but not too tight, while it does have a more fitted look and the utmost coverage you can get in a tank! There are 2 more tanks worth highlighting in this color too.

Dress up our Boyfriend Lounge Tank (top right) or the Effortless Tank (bottom left)with a blazer or sweater. The lounge tank is a loose and relaxed fit with our famous “Boyfriend” soft material; the latter tank has a more fitted look with a longer hem in the back, which looks great tucked in too! Finally, be bold in our Maroon Unity Hi-Rise 7/8 24″ legging (top left), the butteriest and barest-feeling leggings in my boutique with a matte fabric that is easy to style so many ways!

Classic Navy

Navy is another popular color to lean on in your closet. If this is you, you may want to consider upgrading to a pair of Navy Perfection Joggers (top left) to style up your sweatpants at work or our Blue Kauai Light n Tight Hi-Rise 7/8 24″ legging (top right), which is our most compressive design (Light N Tight = LNT) to hold up against every workout and hold it in when you need it to. What I love most about the Perfection Jogger (top left) is the vertical seams down the front of each leg and the bulk-less pockets that make it functional for the office, still offering the comfort of your favorite sweatpants.

The Navy Cubana Tank (bottom left) is a great option for dressing up or wearing on your run, or you can go for Navy Long Finesse Slit Tank (bottom right) that has a long flowing fit and a slit on each side to tie up and style multiple ways.

Oh So Olive

My go-to bottom is the Olive Everywhere Pants (top left), and these are the perfect pair of pants for travel, business, work, or just wearing every day, with features like wrinkle and water resistance, a flat no-roll waistband, and our renowned 4-way stretch fabric! They pack super light, which is such a bonus if you’re always traveling for business like me! The Olive Long Finesse Slit Tank (top right) provides so much coverage with 2 long slits that appear graceful but also functional as you can tie them up to style multiple ways!

The Forest Camo Luxe Hi-Rise Capri 20″ leggings (bottom left) are part of our least compressive legging design; size down 1 for a tighter fit, but these are just oh so soft! For tops, consider the Olive Calmness Pocket Hoodie (bottom right), a new French Terry design and trim velvety-soft with a kangaroo pocket, too!

Pink and Perfect

This is a color I often hear people say they can’t ever wear to the office, and I just don’t understand how that’s true! You wear what you want, and if pink makes you happy, then so be it. There are ways to dress even the brightest of colors to your work wear, starting with the Muted Pink Mosaic T (top left), a subtle pink that still blends in with a unique mosaic-pattern texture and a slight, flirty translucent look. The Poppy Premium Tank (top right)is a more simple option with a fitted but relaxed look, easily paired with anything.

You can trust the Lipgloss Metallic Plus Light N Tight Hi-Rise Capri (bottom left) with a simple boot and nice blouse (with a 24-in inseam for the warmer weather!). One other piece I can’t rave about enough is the Hot Pink Seamless Hustle Shorts, which are sure to make you stand out; customers size 2XS to 4XL have obsessed over this line of bike shorts that slip on as smooth as Cinderella’s slipper on the right foot! You won’t be disappointed.

Yellow and Sunshine

The first that comes to mind when I think of our yellow pieces is the Icarus Hendrix Must Have T, which features sleeves reaching halfway to the elbow, a soft cotton-like but sweat wicking feel, and a classic t-shirt fit that isn’t too slouchy or fitted.Yellow Namaste Long Sleeve T is a fun long sleeve that can be styled so many ways – I have found 4 ways to wear it, but I know there’s at least 2 more, too!

Sunset Parallel Tank is just like our Brick Parallel Tank above, but in this super fun yellow that is deep and not too bright. Just like the Premium Tank in poppy, the Sunlight Premium Tank is a cute and lightweight top for layering and adding some color.

What color are we missing? There are more where these came from, so explore for yourself here.


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