Brought to you by: My Insecurities

Success! We always post about our highlights and success, our top moments or stories, but really we need to broadcast our insecurities, in the way to remind each other that life is a process. We might not be good at some things, but the process of learning any topic or starting a new job, having... Continue Reading →


These Two Go Together

  We are all part of one body  +  Love every part of your body ... We are all part of one body. Some might be the hands, some the mouth, some the fingers,.... All of us have different functions. We may learn differently from each other, but we have to learn to live together... Continue Reading →


I have had senses of Deja-Vus happening in my life... ...and really it`s not those typical, movie type of deja-vus, the deep meaning ones.... but more like a toddler has the control buttons of my life and keeps pressing on the repeat button.   Then I realize it's not even deja-vus it's the fact that... Continue Reading →

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