Healthy Holiday Beverages for Every Host

by: Danielle Ternyila

Your holiday get-together does not need all those store-bought sugary drinks. In fact, those drinks will only make your guests feel tired and sluggish, which will not make for any fun rounds of games. At some point everyone will just be waiting around for Secret-Santa or White Elephant so they can go home!

Refresh your guests with beverages they won’t regret next time on the scale, which of course includes yourself. If you have soda and wine or other goodies out, you are much more likely to indulge despite your weight-loss goals and everything you told yourself about behaving for the diet. Use water to turn your hosting skills up a notch and ditch the sodas and fruit punch – not just any water though! Add flavors, calorie-free!

Fruit Blends for Water

Water is, as we all know, the most healthy thing we can consume, especially compared to some of our other favorite holiday and adult beverages, but instead of throwing out a handful of water bottles or tap water, let some cut up fruit infuse in your pitcher of water so guests can enjoy delicious and calorie-free drinks. Try these favorite combinations:

  1. Mint, Cucumber & Lemon
  2. Raspberry, Lime & Mint
  3. Orange, Cinnamon & Clove

Infused Teas

Iced tea is another easy drink to pull out, but this time don’t go reaching for the sweet-tea powder mix. Instead, use tea bags (add more than you would for hot water as it’ll need to brew stronger to serve iced) and a few simple ingredients to add some unique tastes:

  1. Black Tea with Cinnamon and Orange
  2. Green Tea with Mint & Lemon
  3. Black Tea with Cranberry & Mint

These drink recipes barely contain any calories (and if they do, it’s from the fruits and other flavors you’re adding!). It is so important to stay hydrated during the holidays because it will help you feel more full and help prevent any overindulging when it comes to your big dinner plans.


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