What Makes Zyia Active So Special? Here’s 6 Reasons Why

by: Danielle Ternyila, personal stylist, ZYIA Active Independent Rep

You’ve probably heard about the brand, seen some posts, or watched someone from the sidelines and wondered why you’ve never seen it in a store near you. Unlike many of the big name brands you know, this company is run online through local representatives, like brand ambassadors who are incredibly passionate about the company and helping others. Zyia Active is a unique clothing brand founded by strong and empowered women who have built an entire community of others across the United States, Canada, and Australia of more strong and empowered women (and guys, too!). There are so many things that make this brand special, but that right there is what makes Zyia Active what it truly is: a community.

Zyia Active is special to everyone in so many ways because it has impacted countless lives in so many different ways. Here is what you should know about this brand, whether you are a cheerleader on the sidelines rooting for a friend who has started their own business with this sisterhood, a happy customer who just loves a good shopping find, a representative yourself, or even an event hostess gaining all the rewards and helping a fellow sister with her network marketing business.

The Personalized Customer Experience

When you’re ready to shop Zyia, the first thing you’ll do is find your rep, someone like me, to start your experience. Unlike shopping other online stores, you basically have a personal shopping buddy and Zyia connoisseur to help answer all your questions or shop the right styles. I became a representative of this brand because I am passionate about the products and helping others look and feel their best; how does that compare to the slightly-disgruntled sales associates at your local retail store who are just there to make their hours and clock out?

There is nothing I love more than helping fellow humans feel their best, and I love to share passion for fashion as a Zyia Active Independent Representative with you and my customers!

Thoughtfully Curated Styles

From an insider, I can’t express enough how impressed I am by the clothes this company creates and how much thought really goes into it all! I have gotten to know the people leading this brand and how they make it all happen from developing a new design to launching it for New Release Wednesday. Especially when it comes to women’s clothes, we have so many needs that are never met by the fashion industry (I mean, come on, just show me one pair of jeans that have pockets as deep and useful as the mens!). This brand is thinking about that and keeping in mind all of our needs and desires with each piece that is rolled out. Sizes vary from 2XS to 4XL.

Inspiring Company Pillars

Most companies build their culture last, or at least close to it. Zyia, however, has been rooted in their company values, also known as the 4 pillars, since the very start. The company demonstrates their dedication to these pillars through so many different activities and initiatives every year, but most importantly, Community, Light, Uplift, & Activity define the culture that drives this brand!

  • Community – (noun) a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing attitudes, interests and goals
  • Light – (noun) positive energy that elevates your mood
  • Uplift – (verb) to raise the level of, improve, or lift to a higher position
  • Activity – (noun) the condition in which things are happening or getting done

Don’t believe me? Check out our founder’s story here to see what inspired her!

Saving with Host Rewards

You can earn great discounts and rewards by hosting with your rep; for my hosts and hostesses, I always let them pick a completely customized party theme, anything from Summer Fun or Holiday-themed, to Breast Cancer Awareness Month and more. Most importantly to YOU as my host, you don’t have to worry about doing much! You choose your venue (Facebook, Group Chat, or Zoom!) and bring the guests, and I’ll take care of everything else.

As a US host, you can qualify for $20 to $300 in credits to spend in the shop, along with a ton of half-priced items as well! The host rewards are earned as your party guests place their own orders, and your representative or myself will do everything we can to help you earn as many rewards as you can, so you can shop and save on a quality brand.

Take a look at the host rewards here, or reach out to me if you want to giving hosting a try with me! It costs nothing to try, and yet you have so much you could gain!

Discounts for Independent Representatives

There are so many benefits to joining this brand from training and recognition to business tools and empowering leadership, but most important (at least to myself 😉) is that “company discount” on all the clothes and gear! Being a part of this business as a representative gets you the 25% off the discount you’ve been dying to have on your favorite high-quality brand.

Reps get 25% off, and unlike other direct sales companies, there is no shame in becoming a representative for that discount; as an independent representative, you can run the show your own way, but whether you’re wearing Zyia or not, you’re already representing a brand when someone asks where you got that top or those neat sneakers. Whether you tell them the name of the store/brand, send them the direct link where you bought it, or just talk about how comfy it is, you’re doing some work already that deserves to be rewarded! Joining as a representative gives you that opportunity and a voice in a huge, supportive, and uplifting community too!

The Zyia business is based in teamwork, no matter how far we might be from our nearest reps or community! The company says, We also put an emphasis on fun because we believe that we work harder when we are having fun. That is why there are always promotions based around fun retreats and trips.

Creating Work From Home Opportunity

Network marketing, or social selling, is only a growing opportunity today, which we have seen over the last several years as it has become a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s not something that is going away, and this company has all of the tools, resources, and an uplifting community to support you in building your own business. Zyia Active is giving you, and endless other folks out there, the opportunity to work not just from home but for yourself.

Independent reps join for so many reasons from the discount to the community and leadership, but I hear one thing all the time, which is the opportunity; they joined to spend more time with their loved ones or do more for themselves. They wanted time back from their day jobs, or they wanted to earn some extra cash towards more travel or the holidays. The company is all about growth and opportunity. At Zyia, we rise!

Take a look here at the Zyia Representative Rewards in the US, or ask me how rewards are different in other countries we are currently open in!

On one last note, I’ll just say this. If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Whether you make this your secondary income-earning opportunity, something part-time, or a lifelong career, there is so much to be passionate about here. If you enjoyed this or found any of it interesting, say hi and shoot me a message on social ✌️


Women’s Business Casual Activewear for Every Season

by: Danielle Ternyila, ZYIA Active Independent Rep

Your office’s business casual dress code doesn’t have to be exhausting; it can be exciting and fun with the right pieces. Having worked in offices since I was 15, I’ve felt it all from morning frustrations trying to pick what to wear to sitting uncomfortably at a desk in pants that hardly fit or even have pockets for most of my day. An empowering brand has changed it all for me, and I’ll make it even simpler for you by highlighting the top business casual clothes for petite, plus size, and all the body types us ladies may have!

That’s the thing most clothing brands are forgetting when it comes to us women and what we actually want to wear; our bodies are not the same. We are all different physically, which means the confusing sizes that change from store to store and the men-run companies are NOT the way (*cough, cough cue my favorite song, “Victoria’s Secret” by Jax)!

Zyia Active is run by strong women from our co-founders Erin and Brenda Bradley to the independent representatives like myself in the United States, Canada, and now Australia, all just sharing our passions to help others. They started this company to fulfill our needs for clothing that balances comfort and style for all our shapes and sizes. And while ACTIVE is in the name, these clothes are for every part of your active life from your workouts to the office, your next big trip, and home walking the dog. This isn’t just any “active wear”!

To keep our quality clothing at its highest, you won’t see an endless surplus of the same items in our warehouse inventory; you’ll find things come and go in my boutique, but we have new releases every Wednesday, so there is always something new in store! That said, some of the items below may be running low or retiring soon, so I am always available to help you with sizing or shopping. Find your best way to contact me here whether it’s email, Instagram, or Facebook!

Piping Classy Jogger

This unique pair of work pants will give you all the cozy feels like you’re home on the couch! The Piping Classy Jogger is like your favorite soft and lightweight sweater material in a delightful business casual-friendly style.

  1. Tuck in a white button-down blouse with stilettos for a fierce feminine business casual look
  2. Pair it with the matching Piping Classy Sweater Tank and a sharp blazer jacket

*Let me disclose here that I am 4’11”, so my short women should have no fear with this! The inseam is 27.5-inch (69.8 cm), and so they are just a great length on even my petite shape. These items and the others below are all short-girl approved work bottoms!

Perfection Jogger

These joggers don’t look like your old-school gym joggers! These are advanced with superior wrinkle-resistant material, 2 deep pockets, and unique details like vertical trouser seams down the front of each leg. Shop the Perfection Joggers, currently available in a beautiful matte navy and black to pair with every color!

  1. Match these with a cute sweater or just a blazer for colder office days
  2. Pair it with a lightweight blouse in the summer with your favorite sandals

Tribeca Sweater Skirt

Who wants a timeless piece that can serve you year-round in your office outfits? The Tribeca Sweater Skirt is as comfortable and chic as it sounds; the most important features, at least to me, are the 2 deep pockets and the wide, soft ribbed waistband with a gentle stay-put elastic that doesn’t ever pinch!

  1. Simply pair the skirt with the matching Tribeca Sweater and pretty much any shoes!
  2. Tuck in any colored or patterned blouse up top
  3. Pair it with the Parallel Tank (below) and a blazer

Parallel Tank

The Parallel Tank offer simplicity with maximum coverage; it is the ideal top for tossing under a blazer, cardigan, and more! The material is sweat-wicking and ultra soft. Use it as the base for any of your business casual outfits!

  1. Layer under a long cardigan with metallic leggings, like my Metallic Light n Tights
  2. Use it as a base under your work blazer
  3. Keep warm using it as an extra layer under sweaters in the colder weather, or wear it on its own in the heat!

Monterey Dress

Shop the Monterey Dress in a beautiful burnt-orange Paprika or Warm Sand, as beautiful as the color sounds! Everyone enjoys this in their true size, and it drapes down and skims the body for a beautiful fit on every body that has tried this dress. Use it as a base for endless business casual ideas!

  1. Pair the dress with a blazer, and tie up a side to add a little texture to the dress
  2. Dress it up with a long cardigan and belt combo
  3. Layer a dressy blouse over for a cute skirt look in the office

Transition Wardrobe Staples: Summer to Fall

by: Danielle Ternyila

Take a peek at 5 looks that will make sense in your closet today, this fall, and all year round. Most of these come in various colors, but they all have one thing in common: these outfits are going to last you years and support you season to season! The quality of this active-athliesure wear and versatility in styles and fits means you will never stop loving them.

Each outfit can be customized with a few different color options, or you can just go with the recommendations I’ve laid out to make your shopping experience the simplest. You can click to shop my styles in the US and Canada here, or visit the new virtual Australian boutique!

I am available for assistance with sizing or just placing orders if you need help! You can just send me a quick message here to get started. There are many tools at my disposable to help size you properly for everything from our leggings to sports bras.

Tropical Vibes

Pair the Summer Shorts with a Havana Tank in your choice color, or I recommend these two pairings below! This is a super light weight and sweat wicking outfit for the summer, and the sewn in seams of these shorts and anti-wrinkle design make them ideal for packing in your luggage.

This outfit can also double as swimwear as the summer ends or on your next paradise vacay! The shorts have an inner panty liner and are quick dry after a dip. The Havana Tank not only looks cool, but it feels cool! The ventilation enhances the breathability of this tank, and it adds a unique stripe design that even looks cute under another layer, like a denim jacket on those colder autumn days.

Gray Code Havana Tank – recommend true-to-size
Lavender Summer Shorts – recommend true-to-size or size up one for a more relaxed look

Simple Denim Chic

These Light Denim Distressed Light N Tight leggings can withstand anything your busy day will throw at them, and you will look styling everywhere from the grocery store running errands to going out with the girlfriends for the night, and even stopping at the gym in between it all. The Light N Tights are our most compressive legging, but the distressed denim style makes for a chic look, especially paired with a flattering Parallel Tank. Any color would look great with the distressed blues, but my favorite is Brick red. It stands out, it shows you are bold, and you’re not afraid to stand out!

The sweat wicking material of the leggings is perfect in the summer heat, then you can just toss on more layers as it gets colder out! A denim jacket or solid open-front cardigan will make this a fall-friendly outfit too. The inseam on the pair I recommend (below) is 28″ across all sizes, so if you’re a petite like me (4-ft 11-in), you might prefer the Denim Artist Pocket that comes in at a 24″ inseam, the perfect full length on us shorties!

Light Denim Distressed Light N Tight Hi-Rise 28″ – intentionally compressive, recommend true-to-size
Brick Parallel Tank – fitted construction, recommend true-to-size or size up one for more relaxed fit

High Performance-High Fashion

Metallic Light N Tights fit similar to the above distressed denim Light N Tights, but these feature a unique glimmering tint to the bold and solid colors that really takes any outfit up a notch! This outfit can be completed in so many ways in combination with the Swirl Tank and a Bomber Bra. The beautifully detailed and breathable mesh back of this bra fits perfectly with the high neckline of our Swirl Tanks in front with a low swirl design in the back; this lets the tank drape over your hips in a relaxed and flattering way without drawing attention to your torso.

This is a great summer look with sandals or heels, but you can start adding layers like a cardigan, denim jacket, or blazer to dress this look up more for the fall and colder nights.

Black Metallic Light N Tight Hi-Rise 24″ – intentionally compressive, recommend true-to-size
Midnight Swirl Tank – relaxed fit, recommend true-to-size
Ivory Leopard Bomber Bra – medium-level support and a unique design, recommend true-to-size

Lazy Weekend In

Do you want to be as comfortable in your favorite joggers at home, but you also don’t want to sweat to death in the summer wearing them? Zyia cut the Relaxation Sweats in half and designed this incredible line of sweat shorts! With 2 deep pockets and luxuriously soft fabric, these drawstring-style shorts will be your new favorite at-home pair. You can complete the look with the matching Relaxation Hoodie, or another classic from the shop: our Kettle Moon Tank! It is the softest tank you’ll ever feel, so it is the perfect match for the Relaxation Shorts.

You don’t need much else to complete this cozy must-have summer to fall look, just a pair of slippers or crocs, depending on your mood! I personally wouldn’t do crocs, but I know some people find them comfy for just hanging around or running errands.

Pine Relaxation Sweat Shorts – Encased elastic, recommend true-to-size
Prism Kettle Moon Tank – four-way stretch material, recommend true-to-size

Bonus! Once the warm summer months are truly behind, you can invest in the Relaxation Pocket Hoodie to match and keep you even warmer, or go for the full set with the Relaxation Sweats too! Once you get one, you’ll want them all.

Edgy Base for Layering

Slash Luxe leggings are buttery soft and constructed to flatter every body type with an encased elastic up top to keep the leggings in place. They are gently compressive, so many customers prefer to size down 1 for a more fitted look. And don’t worry about your skin popping out the edges! This fabric will not do that to you! You can pair it with a Stronger Tank (size up 1 for a relaxed fit!), and that’s all you need as a base outfit that could stand on its own too! I’d strongly recommend spending the extra money on one of our more unique designs too, like the Black Leopard Reflective Hi-Neck Stronger Tank (in direct light, it will become reflective, or otherwise show as a black-shaded leopard tank to layer under anything this fall or year round!

Add a cardigan or light jacket as it gets colder this fall. A simple pair of sneakers and a flannel could easily complete this set, or it stands on its own in the hottest weather with a pair of your cutest sandals! However you choose to style them, together they’re the perfect base outfit for moving your wardrobe from summer to autumn.

Black Slash Luxe Hi-Rise 24″ – encased elastic up top, recommend size down one for more compression
Flamingo Stronger Tank – cropped/fitted look, recommend true-to-size or size up one for relaxed feel

Shop these styles and more in my online boutique. Thank you for supporting my business!