What Hosting a Party Means to my Customers

by: Danielle Ternyila, Zyia Active Independent Rep

We all see the posts online about hosting parties, and we’re always being invited to the next! Have you wondered why that is, or have you already indulged this new way of online shopping? As an independent rep for Zyia Active, let me tell you what it is like hosting an event with me, and what you can earn in return!

What makes this shopping experience unique is having a personal shopper available to help YOU find exactly what you need, and unlike the sales associate at the mall, reps like myself choose to join this company because we love it and want to be a part of this brand! It’s not just a job to us. Many, like myself, join because it is a hobby and passion; for me, it’s an opportunity to help others with a problem I always struggled with: finding the right clothes that make me feel and look my best, and within my budget.

By hosting a party, you can save a lot of money! In fact, it’s the best way to shop; hang with your friends from the comfort of your home and earn free and half-priced items while I do all of the work. If you are an avid shopper all-things-active, or like to treat yourself to the latest styles and new pieces, you can always get your starter kit and join for the 25% discount!

Take a Look at How Hosting Works

What makes hosting most unique is that there is very minimal you have to do from your end as my customer and party host, so you truly can sit back, relax, and reap all the rewards! It costs nothing to book a date and try to earn host rewards, so there is nothing to lose and all the deals to gain.

1. Pick Your Dates

You and I can find a week or weekend that works best for your schedule, but don’t worry about trying to fit the whole party into your busy schedule. Virtual parties mean you can pop in and pop out as you have time during your party dates. Continue your usual daily activities and stop into the party group when you can; that’s where the party is happening and what makes it so easy. I always recommend parties run at least 3-4 days so that guests have ample time to check in and shop on their own time too.

2. Invite Your Guests

This is your part, and it’s the only time you’ll lift a finger! I’ll set up your party group page, and you can even opt for a fun party theme like birthday, Valentine’s Day, or spring! Once I send you the link, you can text or invite all your friends, family, and colleagues.

If you’re worried you might not get anyone to buy, that’s not your job! You don’t know what’s going on with everyone and what they would be interested in; that’s why it’s recommended to share your party invite with anyone. They may just be on the market for a new legging or a more eco-friendly clothing brand! You don’t need to decide for your guests.

3. Enjoy the Party

I will be posting games, reviews, video features, and giveaways throughout your party during the week. I’ll be available to you and your guests by message to help with sizing, shopping, and savings. You’re more than welcome to post yourself in the group, but I really do take care of everything! The goal is to have fun and spend some quality time with friends old and new.

4. Claim Your Rewards

Your rewards begin to kick in with your first 3 guest orders and $200. The more your party guests spend, the more you’ll earn, just like those old Tupperware parties at your aunt’s house back when! You can choose to use all, some, or even none, of your rewards at the end of the party, and I will work with you to keep your wishlist within budget. We don’t want any rewards going to waste, and I don’t want you spending a dollar more than you need to as my host.

Host Rewards At a Glance

Party Sales AmountHost Credits50% Off Items
For US parties only. *A party requires at least 3 orders and $200 in sales to qualify for host program rewards. Earned host credits can only be used toward regularly priced items and cannot be used toward the purchase of earned Half Price Items. Click to see Australia Host Rewards.

Once your party wraps up, I’ll share how many rewards you’ve officially earned, and I will help you to place the order. Just like that, you’ve hosted your first party and saved so much!

Are you ready to try hosting with me? There is no better way to save money on your lounging, gym, vacation or office attire! You deserve to be spoiled, it is time to treat yourself. Contact me to book your party now and give it a try with me!