What Makes Zyia Active So Special? Here’s 6 Reasons Why

by: Danielle Ternyila, personal stylist, ZYIA Active Independent Rep

You’ve probably heard about the brand, seen some posts, or watched someone from the sidelines and wondered why you’ve never seen it in a store near you. Unlike many of the big name brands you know, this company is run online through local representatives, like brand ambassadors who are incredibly passionate about the company and helping others. Zyia Active is a unique clothing brand founded by strong and empowered women who have built an entire community of others across the United States, Canada, and Australia of more strong and empowered women (and guys, too!). There are so many things that make this brand special, but that right there is what makes Zyia Active what it truly is: a community.

Zyia Active is special to everyone in so many ways because it has impacted countless lives in so many different ways. Here is what you should know about this brand, whether you are a cheerleader on the sidelines rooting for a friend who has started their own business with this sisterhood, a happy customer who just loves a good shopping find, a representative yourself, or even an event hostess gaining all the rewards and helping a fellow sister with her network marketing business.

The Personalized Customer Experience

When you’re ready to shop Zyia, the first thing you’ll do is find your rep, someone like me, to start your experience. Unlike shopping other online stores, you basically have a personal shopping buddy and Zyia connoisseur to help answer all your questions or shop the right styles. I became a representative of this brand because I am passionate about the products and helping others look and feel their best; how does that compare to the slightly-disgruntled sales associates at your local retail store who are just there to make their hours and clock out?

There is nothing I love more than helping fellow humans feel their best, and I love to share passion for fashion as a Zyia Active Independent Representative with you and my customers!

Thoughtfully Curated Styles

From an insider, I can’t express enough how impressed I am by the clothes this company creates and how much thought really goes into it all! I have gotten to know the people leading this brand and how they make it all happen from developing a new design to launching it for New Release Wednesday. Especially when it comes to women’s clothes, we have so many needs that are never met by the fashion industry (I mean, come on, just show me one pair of jeans that have pockets as deep and useful as the mens!). This brand is thinking about that and keeping in mind all of our needs and desires with each piece that is rolled out. Sizes vary from 2XS to 4XL.

Inspiring Company Pillars

Most companies build their culture last, or at least close to it. Zyia, however, has been rooted in their company values, also known as the 4 pillars, since the very start. The company demonstrates their dedication to these pillars through so many different activities and initiatives every year, but most importantly, Community, Light, Uplift, & Activity define the culture that drives this brand!

  • Community – (noun) a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing attitudes, interests and goals
  • Light – (noun) positive energy that elevates your mood
  • Uplift – (verb) to raise the level of, improve, or lift to a higher position
  • Activity – (noun) the condition in which things are happening or getting done

Don’t believe me? Check out our founder’s story here to see what inspired her!

Saving with Host Rewards

You can earn great discounts and rewards by hosting with your rep; for my hosts and hostesses, I always let them pick a completely customized party theme, anything from Summer Fun or Holiday-themed, to Breast Cancer Awareness Month and more. Most importantly to YOU as my host, you don’t have to worry about doing much! You choose your venue (Facebook, Group Chat, or Zoom!) and bring the guests, and I’ll take care of everything else.

As a US host, you can qualify for $20 to $300 in credits to spend in the shop, along with a ton of half-priced items as well! The host rewards are earned as your party guests place their own orders, and your representative or myself will do everything we can to help you earn as many rewards as you can, so you can shop and save on a quality brand.

Take a look at the host rewards here, or reach out to me if you want to giving hosting a try with me! It costs nothing to try, and yet you have so much you could gain!

Discounts for Independent Representatives

There are so many benefits to joining this brand from training and recognition to business tools and empowering leadership, but most important (at least to myself 😉) is that “company discount” on all the clothes and gear! Being a part of this business as a representative gets you the 25% off the discount you’ve been dying to have on your favorite high-quality brand.

Reps get 25% off, and unlike other direct sales companies, there is no shame in becoming a representative for that discount; as an independent representative, you can run the show your own way, but whether you’re wearing Zyia or not, you’re already representing a brand when someone asks where you got that top or those neat sneakers. Whether you tell them the name of the store/brand, send them the direct link where you bought it, or just talk about how comfy it is, you’re doing some work already that deserves to be rewarded! Joining as a representative gives you that opportunity and a voice in a huge, supportive, and uplifting community too!

The Zyia business is based in teamwork, no matter how far we might be from our nearest reps or community! The company says, We also put an emphasis on fun because we believe that we work harder when we are having fun. That is why there are always promotions based around fun retreats and trips.

Creating Work From Home Opportunity

Network marketing, or social selling, is only a growing opportunity today, which we have seen over the last several years as it has become a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s not something that is going away, and this company has all of the tools, resources, and an uplifting community to support you in building your own business. Zyia Active is giving you, and endless other folks out there, the opportunity to work not just from home but for yourself.

Independent reps join for so many reasons from the discount to the community and leadership, but I hear one thing all the time, which is the opportunity; they joined to spend more time with their loved ones or do more for themselves. They wanted time back from their day jobs, or they wanted to earn some extra cash towards more travel or the holidays. The company is all about growth and opportunity. At Zyia, we rise!

Take a look here at the Zyia Representative Rewards in the US, or ask me how rewards are different in other countries we are currently open in!

On one last note, I’ll just say this. If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Whether you make this your secondary income-earning opportunity, something part-time, or a lifelong career, there is so much to be passionate about here. If you enjoyed this or found any of it interesting, say hi and shoot me a message on social ✌️

Replacing Insufficient Slacks With Work Pants We Really Want

by: Danielle Ternyila | Zyia Active Independent Rep

Why do women’s work pants, or most of our pants in general, not have pockets?

When you go to shop for new business casual looks to freshen your office wardrobe, do you feel like the sizes are all just lying to you? Nothing ever matches, they never fit the same from one pair to the next, or maybe they never fit right from the start but you settle on an oversized or squeezed fit to have something to wear.

I’ve longed for comfort in the office forever, and I know the problem isn’t the business casual dress code; it’s the clothing brands we limit ourselves to in the local mall to shop, and most of them aren’t thinking about you and your body when they design them. They don’t care if they dig into our stomaches to make our butts look a special way or if the pockets are just for show and never really open, or they’re only small enough for a nickel. That’s where Zyia Active comes in, with countless styles for your office attire that will actually comfort you and move with you all day!

Now that I have found a quality and reliable clothing brand I can trust, I’m excited to be a part of the company’s growth and help others feel their most confident in the workplace. Take my style quiz to start your personalized online shopping experience with me!

Everywhere Pants

These were my first purchase with this brand, and I’m still wearing the same pair years later looking good as new. There is something to be said about the incredible long lasting quality you can expect with this brand. The Everywhere Pants are a staple and are no doubt the comfortable flexible work pants you’ve been looking for. Yes, they really exist! The best part is these are women’s dress pants with 2 deep pockets!

  • Lightweight and wrinkle resistant for easy care and travel
  • No-roll flat waistband with metal tipped drawstring
  • Anti-chafe, sweat-wicking, breathable fabric for the best performance

Although worth checking out, the Everywhere Zipper Joggers! Similar to our pants but with an encased ankle cuff and stylish but functional zipper.

Perfection Joggers

Life-changing, I’d say. I never believed in joggers in the workplace until I met these, absolutely perfection! What makes these unique is the matte color to the fabric that makes them very office-friendly pants along with a gorgeous vertical seam down the front of each leg. The 2 pockets are deep enough for any phone, but are hidden well and don’t add bulk.

  • A 2.5-inch waistband and 3.5-inch ankle cuffs with an incredible 3-channel design
  • Premium matte fabric that can be dressed up or dressed down
  • Four-way stretch and sweat-wicking performance for when you’re on the move

Joggers in a Bottle 2

A silky lightweight jogger is all you need to feel comfortable and classy, especially in the sleek black color of our Joggers in a Bottle 2. Unlike some other jogger styles, there’s no drawstring, just a loose-fitted but flattering fit around your waist that flows down to a wide cuff around the ankles.

  • From the top, a soft, no-roll flat waistband with a thin encased elastic to keep them in place
  • To the bottom, a 4.5-inch wide and smooth ankle cuff
  • A relaxed and slouchy fit with a premium silky material you’ll never want to stop wearing

Don’t shop alone!

I’m your online shopping buddy. Fill out my style quiz here for my assistance in everything from picking the right style for you, finding the perfect size, checking out with the best deals possible, and don’t worry, I have your back too if you need to make any exchanges or returns!

Why All Your Facebook Friends Are In Direct Sales

by: Danielle Ternyila

Among many awesome and sometimes unusual things that have derived from the internet, direct sales companies and multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities have grown fast and for good reasom! It is rare anyone can scroll Facebook anymore without seeing a cousin selling this, an old colleague selling that, and your best friend even “starting her own business”.

First off, let’s talk about that phrase: start your own business. That’s actually what direct sales is all about and one of the reasons they are growing more popular every year. One of the most attractive qualities of an MLM opportunity is the chance to be your own boss. And trust me, a new monthly deposit in your bank account is never a bad thing!

Benefit 1: Your Own Second Income

I have worked full-time in my industry since I graduated college, but the thought of added income didn’t sound half bad, a back-up source of funds “just in case.” So why didn’t I get a second job nearby? That was just out of the question. I loved my job already, and with it came a lot of travel, which meant minimal free time for a bartending gig or something on the side. I couldn’t sacrifice the small free time I did have left for that extra income.

Introduce: Pampered Chef, my first MLM experience! I got invited to a party (a Facebook party, that is!). I had never been in one, but it was fun to break up my week with some fun online with friends, and I started asking the consultant questions. She too worked full time and joined the business for the extra cash for her family. What intrigued me the most, though, was her schedule. She got to make it! She put in 2 hours some weeks or 10-20 others. She was her own boss!

Benefit 2: Make Your Own Schedule

There’s no arguing that the internet is changing everything, including the customer experience. Remember all the old in-home tuper ware and Pampered Chef parties your mom went to? Yeah, the internet got them too! Now you can really run your own business at your own speed, in your own time, and with scheduled posts (but keep that secret to yourself!)

The MLM business is booming, and you’re crazy not to take advantage. What attracted me most to these companies was the flexibility to work anywhere and anytime I wanted. My fulltime career has given me the opportunity and fortune to travel the world, which leaves minimal evenings and weekends available for extra shifts.

Benefit #3: You Work Anywhere You Want

A huge benefit for any direct sales business is the flexibility. Work anywhere, anytime, and anyway you are comfortable. With this, I’m able to focus on my small business in my down time and put it on the back burner when I need to. I can put in 3 hours a week, or 10. I can work every weekend, or take every weekend off. It is my business, and I can run it however I want. And because this is just  a side hustle, I don’t have any pressure to sell when I want. I am my own boss, and I fully support myself no matter how I run my business!

More times than not, I’m getting my business done in the gym on my phone! It’s that easy. I can tune in anywhere now, and there’s no reason you couldn’t either!

Benefit #4: Be Your Own Boss But Not Alone

Like I said, I am my own boss! I am not reporting to someone else, I don’t have to abide by a manager’s rules, and I can take off at a moment’s notice! You may be scared to run your own business and become your own boss, but most of these companies actually provide you so many resources and leadership contacts that you will never truly feel alone, even if you’re running the show all yourself!

When I worked with Pampered Chef, I had a huge support system online, and I received tons of marketing materials from the company that made managing my business that much easier. Now that I am a Zyia Active Independent Rep, I have a whole new community of fellow reps to help me too, as well as my upline and team leader. Although we are each running our own businesses, we still have team groups on Facebook and talk regularly.

Benefit #5: Meet New & Like-Minded Friends

Lifelong friends come with the job! When you are using the communities your company has in place for you, you are sure to meet new friends. I have met some incredible ladies that I continue to stay in contact with strictly because we’re friends, not because we work together and have to play nice. Especially in a company that you are passionate for, you are sure to meet plenty of others who feel the same way.

Your small business could just connect you to someone else who shares similar values, desires, and passions as you! Who doesn’t want to meet more people and make more friends? That can be a real daunting task as an adult, but this is a great way to make new friends that encourage and support you!

Benefit #6: Discounts and Free Procucts

There’s a lot of ways to save money for yourself by becoming a rep for your favorite MLM. I was able to stock my entire kitchen with 50%‐, 60%‐off deals, and free items! Not mention they really like spoiling their reps, so I got a free Deluxe Air Dryer as a PC consultant!

Becoming a Zyia Active Independent Rep was an easy decision for me, just based on the company’s mission and 4 pillars: Light, Uplift, Activity, and Community. The best part,, though, has been the free and super discounted items I get. I’ve scored myself 20% off for life by becoming a rep, so my closet is stocked with quality comfortable items.

We walk around all the time wearing designer and brand names written all over it, basically promoting to the world that they should wear Nike, Nautica, or what have you. We do this, but do we actually pay much attention to the company though and what they are doing for the greater good? For me, I’ve never liked that, wearing any clothes with a brand written all over it, but as a rep now, I’m actually getting paid and given discounts to promote the company, which is making impactful changes; they’ve provided 10s of thousands of jobs to reps around the country, they have a recycled line and use recyclable options whenever possible, fundraising campaigns for local communities, and more.

How Do I Choose the Right MLM for me?

When I first started Pampered Chef, I decided it was the best choice for me since I was familiar with the product line, I loved baking and cooking, and I was sure I could find customers, considering everyone needs to eat, then requiring some Pampered Chef!

Fast forward to my next direct sales venture that I started in early 2021. This active lifestyle brand hits home with me. I enjoyed Pampered Chef and was able to put a small dent in my student loans (which is actually a big accomplishment), but I decided to part ways with my apron and focus on my real passions: motivating and inspiring others to live healthier and more fulfilling lives, so I love being a part of a company with these same passions.

I love helping others feel their best and most confident, and so this side hustlez which truly markets to all body shapes and sizes with the high-quality cute clothes we deserve at the price points we’d rather compared with other name brand activewear. As an independent representative, I serve as your personal shopping buddy who has all the answers to your questions, size charts and comparisons, and

Although I have lost more than 60 lbs by now, I still hate seeing so many clothing companies not considering all body shapes. Plus size never has cute bras, flattering leggings, or designs made for these real body types. That’s what makes me love being a representative now for Zyia Active, a company that truly  caters to all body types.

There are many different ways to join me here. You can take on the business fulltime and hit the ground running to give you more time with your family at home. You can go part-time and make it an important part of your finances, or work it as a side hustle like me!

Finally I will tell you, we are always looking for brand ambassadors, so score some great deals and on your new favorite active and athliesure wear brand!