Holiday Shopping for Difficult People

by: Danielle Ternyila, stylist and Zyia Active Independent Rep

What makes a person difficult to shop for? They might have so many things already, be the person that buys what they want when they want it, or they might live a clutter-free and simple life. Some people hard to holiday shop for have hard-to-shop for passions, like golf and cigars; what else could you get them that would actually be a good gift that they haven’t received already?

The one thing all of these difficult people have in common is they all wake up and get dressed every day! Clothes are among the best gift ideas for the holidays because they will never go to waste, and even when they’re outgrown or go out of style, they can be donated to live on in another life. A gift that keeps on giving!

The trick to gifting clothing is snagging quality pieces that have a purpose! The best for colder regions up North, for example, would be winter coats, hoodies, and warm things that will surely be used for a few months after the holidays. If you live in warmer climate weathers, vice versa! You can also be thoughtful about their lifestyle, like someone who works from home might really get good use out of some new sweats! A friend who is regularly booking their next cruise or one who has a boat might benefit from a quality beach bag or the perfect outfit for a day at sea.

Shop small this season and explore the top gifts in my online boutique below. I know exactly what you can get that hard-to-shop-for loved one this Christmas and Holiday season!

Relaxation Sweats

*Collection includes women’s/men’s/kid’s, shorts, jogger sweats by inseam, sports bra, & hoodies!

  • For she who works from home
  • For he who games all day on the couch
  • For the friend who just wants to binge Netflix
  • For the one who never treats themselves to something cozy
  • For the whole family because you fell in love with all of the incredible matching sets and the many vibrant color options

Women’s Wanderer Long Sleeve T

*featured in November Founders Sale 2022 for limited time

  • For the woman snuggled up reading most of the time
  • For she who practices yoga, meditation, or enjoys fresh air outdoors
  • For the girl obsessed with her pets since these are incredibly cat hair- and dog fur-friendly! (It doesn’t cling and wipes right off)

Men’s Strong N Soft Short

*featured in November Founders Sale 2022 for limited time

  • For the man who is always hot
  • For the dad who likes to lounge at home
  • For the lifter, treadmill-er, or any gym goer who will appreciate quality high-performance athleisure wear (the ultimate balance of work and play)

Girls’ Denim Artist Pocket Light n Tight Leggings RC

  • For the stylish teen who loves to dress up
  • For the sporty niece always on the move
  • For your daughter to match your own Denim Artist Pocket Light N Tight for women (not restocking, limited sizes remaining)

Women’s Summer Shorts

  • For the avid traveler or cruise-goer
  • For the teacher dreaming of summer vacation
  • For your mom to feel her most confident on her next cruise (and with a mesh bikini liner and quick-dry fabric, they can also double as a swim bottom, too!)

Men’s Aztec Bold Swimming Trunk

*featured in November Founders Sale 2022 for limited time

  • For the one with a hot tub at home
  • For the ocean-junkie, swimming fanatic
  • For the man who can’t wait for his next vacation

Boys’ Forest Melange Jogger or Hoodie

  • For your video-gaming nephew or son
  • For the child that prefers PJs over clothes
  • For boys that play dirty and love anything that makes a mess – parents will love how the green & black design acts like a camouflage toward the inevitable grass and dirt encounters!

Inspiration 17 Liter Trekking Pack

  • For the hiker or active lifestyle
  • For the busy soccer mom or Boyscout dad
  • For the camper or tailgater that needs to carry all the essentials and hydrate

Check out a wide variety of more high-quality and versatile clothing and accessories in my online boutique. Reach out to me any time for help with sizing, I have many tools to help you find the right size for your loved one. If they have a problem with the size, I’ll personally be available to help them with an exchange as your Zyia Active Independent Rep!