6 Reasons I Became a Direct Sales Rep Twice and Don’t Regret It

by: Danielle Ternyila, Zyia Active Independent Rep | Former Pampered Chef Consultant

Direct sales, or otherwise known as multi-level marketing, offers unique opportunities that we all want to question from the very beginning. Is anyone really making money on it? Are those trips ever earned? Are the rewards that good?

It wasn’t something I ever thought about, and I perhaps believed into the rumors about “pyramid schemes” even. Nevertheless, I came across the opportunity in a Pampered Chef virtual party I was invited to by a friend. Having grown up in the kitchen cooking with my dad, I was familiar with the brand, despite being a recent college graduate with no kitchen of her own yet. I was intrigued, however, by the whole virtual party and how the sales rep posted throughout the day on social media from the comfort of her home and pocketing commission along the way. That seemed like something any one could do, so I looked into it.

I decided to start with my source, and I asked the rep all the questions I was thinking. Is it hard to find the time? How do you know the products so well? How much money do you make? How do you post so regularly? Is it hard? What if i don’t do well?

There were probably 70 different questions I asked, then I jumped to the internet to compare this company with others popular in the direct sales industry. I explored different commission plans, different representative benefits, different requirements, and different products. There were a lot of options out there, and I started to veer toward another brand (which I would switch over to in a few years any way after this initial experience) but ultimately came back to Pampered Chef after considering the things that were most important to me at the time.

It’s important to think through your decision and make sure it’s the right choice for you. Here are the reasons I decided to take the leap and become a consultant for Pampered Chef and later a proud Zyia Active rep!

Reason #1

Extra income was the primary driver behind my interest in a multi-level marketing opportunity. I was comfortable enough to get by with my current income, but my student loans took up a big chunk of change. Meanwhile, my heart yearned for a life of travel and moving out of my parents’ house. Making extra money could help me stay financially responsible and enjoy the pay off for my hard work too.

Reason #2

I didn’t have a set of regular hours of free time to hold another job, despite liking the idea of having some extra income on a regular basis. My full time job had me traveling the country more often, which made me a very unreliable job candidate for a local waitress or babysitting part-time gig in between. With a schedule as constantly-changing as mine, I just didn’t have the time to dedicate to another employer. I did, however, have a free hour now and then and could usually find some time to work most weekends when I was home.

The multi-level marketing opportunity gave me that flexibility. I could put in 2 scattered hours work one week, or do 10+ another when I had more time. The best part: doing it all from the convenience of my phone.

Reason #3

My work ethic and drive were never in question, but I really didn’t want to report to someone else. I didn’t want to feel guilty when I didn’t prioritize it, and I didn’t want to feel like I was letting anyone down if I didn’t perform the best.

Becoming an independent consultant allowed me all of that!

Reason #4

Despite reason #3, I was still of course new to sales outside of my short time as a Starbucks barista in college and my high school days behind the desk of a tanning salon. “Running my own business” didn’t seem tangible when I had no idea what I was doing or how to do it.

While it is up to you how you run your business, there is still so much support for you behind the scenes with a direct sales business. Today I’m an independent representative for Zyia Active, and our reps are blessed with the most incredible community, customer service, and supportive corporate team. There is always someone there to answer my question, offer advice and guidance, or otherwise motivate me when I need it.

No matter what company you join, you aren’t the only one, so even in running your own business your way, there’s someone else out there to help.

Reason #6

Don’t we all dream of an employee discount to our favorite shops and boutiques? Another enticing incentive that had me considering the opportunity was the guarantee of a discount on high-quality products. I thoughtfully considered this in making my decision on which company to join, and the Pampered Chef business I ran for 3 years helped to stock my first kitchen without breaking the bank and while still gaining commission along the way.

As a clothing shopaholic, I now get my dose of new style on a discount or more often free through my hard work and efforts monthly. I make commission while stocking my family’s closets with quality clothes at minimal costs.

All Your Burning Questions About Direct Sales Answered

I’m an open book, and I just want to help others succeed, so follow me on Instagram or contact me here to ask me anything. If you’re particularly interested in becoming an Independent Rep with Zyia Active, I would love to help coach you through your journey as part of my team.