Printable Planning Pages for Your Best Year Yet

by: Danielle Ternyila

As we turn this next page onto a new and bright year, these print-outs can help you hit your goals and on track to do your very best. The best thing you can do today is set yourself up for success tomorrow!

I’ve created these print-outs to reflect over your last 365 days and begin planning for your best future! These templates can be printed out or downloaded on your phone to fill out or just read and think through.

The best way to stay on top of your goals is to priotize them and plan your path to success. I use trackers like these to keep myself going all year, every month, week and day! I put time on my calendar every week for the gym and my other goals, just like I schedule meetings at work. These pages help me make plans in advance so that I wake up prepared for success every day; 365 days is a long way to go, so I hope these help you achieve all your goals too!

A Year In Review Print-Out

Before any of the other handy planner sheets we have here, this tool is great for reviewing some of the most important parts of your last year and the lessons you should be taking away from them. As you look over your annual highlights, successes, and wins, you can also consider what you need to do different next year for bigger and better results. After all, you just want to try your best!

Your Best Month Calendar Printable

Pop this one out of the printer and fill it in with the next month as you begin looking ahead again. You can use one every month to keep yourself on track and organized, as well as focus on your biggest priorities. Print 12 now to get a jump start on your year! Don’t forget to make action points for yourself towards your 3 goals, whether they’re personal, career, or family-related.

Your Best Weekly Health Tracker

This template will help you track your diet and fitness, as well as all your successes throughout the week! In your Bests column, you can record things you did for your self-care, good deeds, good jobs, and things you did that contributed to your daily happiness. This is especially useful in tracking how different foods and activities make you feel. Rate your meals and snacks from 1 star for not so great to 3 stars for the best!

Daily Goals: Wins and Best Practices

Set yourself up each month with this page to remind yourself of your goal and track it daily. Whether it is making the bed every day or working out, you’ll feel so proud every time you mark off a circle. I also like to write in an inspirational quote of the month. This page can also be used at the end of the month to review your best practices and how to conquer any challenges that came up, like perhaps an injury or lack of scheduling, which you can note too along the side throughout the month.

2022 Vision Board Template

Use this document to create your own vision board in words. A vision board helps you compile all your goals for the year into one place and keeps you aligned on what is most important to you from day one. Is your goal to be healthier? Lose weight? Pay debt? Organize or redecorate your home? Put it on paper and why it matters to you!

2021 Lessons Learned Template

With 2021 in the rear view, let’s not forget the lessons we learned and anything else we can take away to set up ourselves for the best year yet. Who made you happiest this past year? What makes you smile now looking back? What do you want to keep doing or make more time for in 2022?