Halloween Leggings Women Can Wear for the Holidays, too!

by: Danielle Ternyila, personal stylist | Zyia Active Independent Rep

If your Halloween season usually starts out like mine has, it means you’re probably already digging through the attic and storage searching for costumes of years past because you’ll do anything to avoid going to the store again. All of these costumes get a 1-day wear, and then they collect dust in storage if I’m not throwing it out due to cheap quality by the end of the night. That was a big problem to me until I got creative with more versatile clothing like my cozy leggings from Zyia Active. Style them down for the gym, dress them up for a cute Thanksgiving dinner outfit, or pair it with the right accessories for a simple and homemade Halloween costume.

To break it down for you, we’ve got 8 different pairs of leggings I’ve pulled for your next halloween costume, and you can style thee leggings for the different seasons and holidays coming up too, along with these easy halloween costume ideas. All of these leggings offer incredible features along with their durable quality and sweat-wicking abilities. They are the ideal leggings for the holidays, with Halloween first at bat!

We carry leggings in sizes XXS to XXXXL, and the high quality material is only one part to love! Sweat-wicking, four-way adaptive stretch, and anti-chafe seams are some of my favorite features, plus the wide variety of compression options and styles with or without pockets (and those are pockets deep and strong enough for even a bottle of wine in a moment of desperation!). The best part is that when Halloween is done, you’ll still have a cozy holiday outfit to take you through the next season and the season after that, and after that!

Barista Brown Pocket Light n Tight legging

Meet the Barista Brown Pocket Light n Tight RC: part of our Recycled Collection, 24 inch (61 cm) legging with 2 deep low-profile pockets to fit an iPhone or water bottle

Meet the Light Denim Distressed Light n Tight Hi-Rise Legging: a “jegging”-style 28-inch (71 cm) legging with printed motif to fool the eye with a highly compressive, breathable fabric denim-alternative

Meet the Red Sweetheart Metallic Light N Tight Hi-Rise: highly compressive 24-inch (61 cm) legging with a metallic shine that can bend, flex, jump, and twist with you

Meet the Olive Speckle Hi-Rise: 24 inch (61 cm) legging with a cotton-soft matte fabric feel and a smooth high-structured elastic-free waistband

Meet the Black Metallic Light N Tight Hi-Rise: part of our Recycled Collection, 24 inch (61 cm) legging with 2 deep low-profile pockets to fit an iPhone or water bottle

Meet the Tangerine Cream Pocket Light N Tight: highly compressive 24-inch (61 cm) legging with 2 deep low-profile pockets to fit an iPhone or water bottle

Meet the Pink Mojave Light N Tight Hi-Rise: a highly compressive 28-inch (71 cm) legging with an encased top elastic to stay put

Meet the Black Slash Luxe Hi-Rise: gently compressive 24-inch (61 cm) legging with an edgy slashed design made of sweat-wicking material that won’t chafe

These are outfits you just can’t go wrong with! Plus, like I said, they make for a cute and cozy holiday outfit paired right, and then some 😉 Depending on where you live in the United States, Canada, or even Australia, I am sure you have different weather and temperatures to adjust to. Our collection of active and athleisure wear can adjust with you across our endless different styles and designs. Learn more in my boutique, or explore more details about these 8 cute and cozy leggings for halloween and the holidays.


My Weight-Loss Journey: Leggings Are Your Friend

by: Danielle Ternyila

At my biggest, I lived in leggings because I could handle going up another X better than a whole jean size. The last pair of jeans I had been able to fit into before then was size 18, so leggings became my best friend, being more giving and understanding of my body. Now I realize leggings played an even bigger role in my actual weight loss journey, rather than just being my scape goat to real pants. And they’re worth investing in, even early in your weight loss journey!

When I made the decision to take back my health, of course I did not want to spend money on the cutest workout clothes because the goal was to never fit in those sizes again! However, I did it anyway. At first, I just needed to actually own a sports bra and tank, but once I started losing weight, the cute clothes became essential to my weight loss journey.

The confidence I felt when I got a new outfit was sometimes exactly what I needed to keep my momentum going! I was able to lose 60 lbs in a year, and I went through so many outfits during that journey that I now have the hardest time parting ways with today. These outfits helped push me through my hardest workouts, they motivated me every time I wanted to quit, and they *literally* supported me through my whole journey [sports bras are the real MVPs!]. As I continued to size down and lose the weight, I made sure to keep at least 2 outfits in the closet that I felt my most confident in.

Leggings have always had my back, and I can’t stress enough how much you can conquer when you are at your most confident! The cuter you dress when you work out, the better you’ll feel and harder you’ll work. Just fact!!

I did spend a lot of money throughout the journey, even though I was mostly splurging on clearance finds in JcPenney’s, Target, and the outlets for my confidence boost. At the same time I was going through this journey in 2017, Zyia Active was being founded, and little did I know I’d later become an Independent Rep after learning what this company is about and why it’s activewear for women of any body type! They aim to inspire and uplift through the confidence anyone can feel in these clothes.

If I could go back and change anything in my journey, I would have filled my closet with this brand instead! Even though the clothing is pricier than my bargain discounts, I am finally wearing quality clothing designed with form and function in mind, still cheaper than the high-end activewear most seek. That said, I’m spending a lot less in the long-run. My old leggings lasted a few months, max, before meeting their demise; they never lasted, whether they faded fast, stretched out, or got holes!

The leggings in my activewear boutique still look brand new, even my oldest pair (2 years old!). I’ve seen ones from friends and other reps that have lasted far longer.

As a Zyia Active Independent Rep, I can help you get incredible deals, including free and half-priced! Just let me know you want more information.

If you’re thinking this clothing brand is “not made for you” because of your size, shape or even age, you’re wrong! There is literally something for every body, and there are tons of options: colors, styles, patterns, lengths, and of course sizes XXS to XXXXL! The reason I love this company so much and wish I had known about it when I was just starting my weight loss journey is that they truly cater to all, and no body is left out!

With all of these different styles, fits, and lengths, there are so many options that I could have snagged during my weight loss journey, and because the fabrics incorporate four-way stretch, these clothes move with you and your body; you can rely on them to stay put during every workout, even when you start losing weight. You’ll still be able to trust this gear to stay up through all your favorite activities until you’re down a few sizes and ready to splurge again. I’m down to size 4, but I can rock my Zyia all the way up to size 10-12! I would still workout in a 14-16 too because even today they still stay put and look great. These leggings are your friend. See below!

Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day.

Ask me how you can save money with me in my royalty program as you conquer your own weight-loss journey so you can rock your most confident looks along the way! I’m so proud of and inspired by any one who takes on the challenge of regaining their health, and I want you to look your best doing it!

If you’re looking to start your weight loss journey and need more inspiration, and maybe something more than just cute clothes, check out the empowerment group on Facebook to keep you going! Monthly challenges, health tips, a supportive community, and more! We are all cheering each other on. Join our private community: Live Like a Queen Empowerment!

What inspires you and keeps you moving? Do you have a favorite outfit for when you do work out or have to push yourself?

Ask me how to get the best deals on leggings and more!