Just My Personal Review: Kencko vs Daily Harvest vs Evive

by: Danielle Ternyila

My goal is to maintain a healthy diet, but this has always been a challenge for me because I don’t actually eat a lot of veggies or fruit. I really am very picky with my fruit, and I tend to eat the same vegetables at dinner every night.

Smoothies and shakes have been my go-to for balancing my diet despite these challenges. I don’t mind the fruit and veggies when it’s mixed into a refreshing beverage to sip. (This is also how I enjoy some chocolate guilt-free!)

The ads for Daily Harvest hit me first, so I gave it a try a few years ago pre-COVID when I was in the office every day. My lifestyle changed, including my diet, come 2020, but I eventually found Evive and more recently Kencko.

I haven’t been asked to promote any of these, but I want to share my review because it was reading reviews like these on these brands that helped me most in making my purchase. Each of these offer a unique way to rejuvenate your diet, and if one doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, I’m sure another would. If you’re intrigued by smoothies and shakes but don’t have the time to prepare yourself one from scratch every day, there is a convenient alert stove to ease your day!

For me, these truly help to eliminate waste. When I tried making my own smoothies with fresh ingredients every day, I ended up with spoiled fruits and veggies in the fridge more often than not because I never got through it. It’s also a lot of work, and finding time is just a hassle.

Between all 3 brands, I don’t think I would say I have a favorite, but there is one that fits my style best. Since Daily Harvest, Kencko, and Evive are so unique, one might just be a better fit for you. Whether you need more variety in your diet, a blender-less option, or more options than just shakes, you’ll love these.

Evive Smoothie Cubes

After trying all of these homemade smoothie alternatives, my man and I both came back to Evive. You pick from so many delicious flavor combinations, then get the cubes in the mail frozen. They look like small discs

Daily Harvest Frozen Cups

Daily Harvest was the first I ordered a few years back, but as far as I know there haven’t been many changes since, not that I’d say they had anything to change. What I really enjoyed about this was it came in a disposable cup for my homemade bev and stacked easy in the freezer. Really unique concept, so you dump the frozen fresh ingredients into your blender or bullet, add your liquid, and blend. Once that’s all set, you pour it back in the cup, replace the lis again, and add a straw.

Note, it didn’t come with straws, but that’s not in anyway a negative thing. We should be using reusable straws for our planet! Each cup also had listed all the ingredients on it, so you can just look down and see what exactly is in your cup.

Kencko Packets

This most recent order has been a delightful surprise. I was unsure about smoothies coming in a powder form, but similar to the Daily Harvest, I can easily find on the package every ingredient. The flavors are by “colors” which is unique and fun, too! I love the Crimsons and Mochas!

Pick your blend from the variety of packages you choose to receive, then pour it into your milk or liquid and blend, similar to your protein shakes! My order came with a shaker bottle, too, but I also would recommend investing in a reliable shaker bottle like the ones available in my boutique here.

Between all 3, I think the most important thing to consider between these is your lifestyle. Living in an apartment with a small freezer, I would choose the Kencko packets or Evive cubes to save space, but most important is these last me longer than the fruits and veggies fresh in my kitchen ever do; I’m always on the go, and I just never have the time to prepare my own smoothies fresh. I hate wasting food, and this eliminates that problem for us!

Don’t have a blender for smoothies and shakes? Need a smoothie for on the go? Do you Try Kencko or Evive

Do you prefer wide variety beyond smoothies and shakes? Do you like to get creative with your meals? Consider Daily Harvest, which also offers other meals packaged similar for easy prep in the microwave or such.

To Better Days: Achieving Dreams Ahead of Schedule

by: Danielle Ternyila

The proven trick to achieving your dreams all comes down to mindset. When you believe in yourself, the possibilities are endless, and 21-year-old Selena Delapaz is showing us all how it’s done by following her lifelong dreams of helping people. This was always her dream, and while maybe it was not clear how she would, her determination to succeed has paid off.

Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.

During her sophomore year in high school, Selena’s parents started heading out of the house regularly, like they had some sort of secret. She overheard them talking every day, making their plans to go, and getting the kids out the door so they could go to this secret destination. When asked about it, they’d just say, ‘We’re going for shakes.” Finally, Selena, the youngest of 5, asked to go. They hyped it up so much, she had to know what it was about. Little did she know, this was only her first step down the path of achieving her dreams.

“I went, and everybody was there: my parents, my parents’ friends, and so many other people that I started talking to. Everybody would be enjoying their shakes and talking about their morning, so I started going with them every morning,” Selena said. It was this relaxing and fun space with friendly faces all around, and it was Herbalife shakes that were bringing them together and bettering their days.

Herbalife, for those who don’t know, is a global nutrition company on a mission to improve nutritional habits with great-tasting, science-backed nutrition products that help people get the right balance of healthy nutrition. Their meal replacement protein shake in dozens of flavors, or their teas, aloes, proteins, and outer nutritional products have helped millions of people around the world achieve their health goals, whether it is losing weight, maintaining it, or even gaining.

From her very first shake, Selena was hooked, and maybe even a little inspired. Since she was young, she had always wanted to help people, but when her dad started asking on their shake runs why she didn’t open her own herbalife shop yet, she simply said, “I don’t know.”

After graduating high school, she started at the local community college in a business information systems course, which she intended to do for 2 years before transferring somewhere else. One semester, however, showed her that wasn’t the place for her, so she started her career in a podiatrist office, where she worked as a medical assistant for 1 year.

Another opportunity arose around 2020, and she started a position at the place her sisters worked too. It was in September that she grabbed a notebook, and wrote down her goal: Herbalife shop in 2-3 years.

“That was the goal, the plan,” Selena said, but she wasn’t expecting that within the next few months, the universe would throw her a major curveball. Her own Herbalife sponsor let her know he had decided to move to Ecuador.

“Out of no where, I got his phone call, [and he said,] Hey, I want to sell you the shop if you’re interested, but you only have 2 months to plan.”

Her dreams quickly unfolded before her eyes, and all she had to do was say YES. After a long conversation with her family and looking over the opportunity with her dad, she made her decision. The shop was already in use, ready for her to enter and make it her own. The answer was clear.

In February 2021, To Better Days Nutrition opened its doors in Plainfield, New Jersey, and Selena’s dream to help people became a reality.

The menu at To Better Days Nutrition is filled with a variety of delicious and unique shakes, smoothies, crepes, waffles, and a fan-favorite: teas! The real kicker, though, is that all of these items are actually healthy. With the Herbalife ingredients and the personal touch Selena gives each recipe, it’s hard to believe it’s all good for you!

New customers come in and snag their favorite shake, like the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and are pleasantly surprised to learn that these shakes are actually good for you! The entire menu, from the shakes and teas to the waffles and crepes, is made using the balanced Herbalife products to help you reach your personal diet goals. She adds her own unique touch to every dish and has mastered the ideal consistency for her shakes and smoothies. There’s no milk or added sugars and flavored syrups, either!

Visit To Better Days Nutrition: 12 Washington Avenue, Plainfield, NJ, 07060

Since the doors opened in February, To Better Days Nutrition has bloomed and developed a supportive fan base on Instagram @ToBetterDaysNutrition.

Customers continue coming in, some even more than once a day, to grab their shake before work or after a workout. Around the shop, you’ll find motivational quotes to inspire customers as they pop in throughout the day, colorful lights to optimize your mood, and comfortable seating and couches to feel welcomed and relaxed. When you take care of your body, you will feel good not only physically, but mentally too!

“I wanted to be more inspiring and motivational to people. I wanted people to come in the shop after a long day and have a tea or shake and just have happy vibes after a long day,” Selena said. “That’s the idea I had for the shop: to be motivational, inspiring, colorful, and comfortable.”

With Selena’s optimistic and outgoing personality behind the counter all day, To Better Days Nutrition inspires a healthy and happy lifestyle.

“My goal is to help people, and I want to make people feel better about themselves. I don’t say I hope to help people because we can’t use words like hope. Don’t hope to be successful, say you’re going to be successful. The more you say it, the more you will believe in yourself,” Selena shared.

It’s all about mindset; if you believe in yourself, you can do anything you set your mind too, and Selena is living proof of that. Next time you decide to treat yourself, consider a trip To Better Days and visit Selena yourself to feel inspired and enjoy the shakes everyone can’t stop talking about!

Don’t forget to follow @ToBetterDays on Instagram or just visit the shop yourself to meet Selena and taste these delicious shakes and snacks yourself!

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