Forget Everything

If you could take all you are, and turn it back into a clean, blank canvas...How would you paint yourself? If you could create a whole new you, what would you put on this white canvas? To be made new, to restart. We try on new attitude, kind of like when we have a new... Continue Reading →


Free Yourself

When you are born as an elephant, in a circus, they put a strong rope around your neck. You will try to get away with no luck and give up... but you will really give up to the point that, as you grow older into this massive beautiful creature, you could even have a rope... Continue Reading →


I have had senses of Deja-Vus happening in my life... ...and really it`s not those typical, movie type of deja-vus, the deep meaning ones.... but more like a toddler has the control buttons of my life and keeps pressing on the repeat button.   Then I realize it's not even deja-vus it's the fact that... Continue Reading →

We are all prisoners

Listen You never know how your future will end up and as we go about our day we need to remember we are all granted of forgiveness no matter the actions yes some have committed crimes: some were committed under pressure, some are disgraceful, unjustifiable, unbelievable, psychotic and some are just plain hurtful... But remember that these men,... Continue Reading →

You Know Me

No matter what you are going through, God hears you, but don't give up on telling him your worries and troubles, keep asking him for his help. I cannot mention enough how many times he has answered my prayers, and some have taken years to be answered, but God never fails to answer them. if... Continue Reading →

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