I am Engaged

-"Yes I am engaged!" -"Omg! so exciting!" -"Let me see the ring!"   All your girls are so happy that they want part of your special day! What' s beautiful about an engagement is that it is new, fresh, exciting, full of promises, right?     Wrong...I am going to switch this a bit and... Continue Reading →


Goodbye Road

I observe a lot; I am not one to participate, to plan, to go out, to start conversations,...What I am trying to say is I have no friends! ok ok, i have some, but let me explain.. When I grew up in France, we moved every year. I don't even remember half of the school... Continue Reading →

We are all prisoners

Listen You never know¬†how¬†your future will end up and as we go about our day we need to remember we are all granted of forgiveness no matter the actions yes some have committed crimes: some were committed under pressure, some are disgraceful, unjustifiable, unbelievable, psychotic¬†and some are just plain hurtful... But remember that these men,... Continue Reading →

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