When at the end, you still don’t get the tiltle!?

What do you do when you are the oldest and all your life you thought you would have the title of princess/prince/favorite/best... but your younger sister/brother gets that title ? Also when you've worked so hard, trying to get somewhere in your life, going to school, working to pay for it, helping in the house...... Continue Reading →


That won’t stop the Rain

Riccordiamo (wed 4-11-09) Stringiamoci più forte ancora, teniamoci vicino al cuore ~ TVB Nono RIP Qualque parole mi anno toccato il cuore, diccendo che non puoi smettere la pioggia. E non possiamo contollare le cose della vita que accadonno.  Dio...resta con noi...          Please don't stop the rain - James Morrison   I don't know... Continue Reading →

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