Bring it on

When you’ve received a message/comment from someone , a negative one (not that the subject was something you did wrong, but more their opinion, their view on it). DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT put yourself down. Ignore that voice inside that keeps on repeating: “you see, I told you so“ “everyone thinks the same, they have … More Bring it on

They Don’t Know

ARG! it is hard when evil is following you, trying to make you trip! It’s Exhausting. Annoying. Weakening. Draining. Wasteful.   But we won’t give up, we will accept that some people are just acting out of bad habits, they don’t realize the wrong they are doing ACCEPT and FORGIVE LUKE 23:34 Jesus said, “Father, forgive … More They Don’t Know

Inner Beauty

Nate: Maaaam…why are there people that are beautiful already, but they want to be more beautiful? Mam: That is a really good question…I am not sure myself Nate. ~~~~ Sure we want to be beautiful and feel good about ourselves. we want others to be impressed and to compliment us. We want the attention, full focus … More Inner Beauty