Never Ever | Dance Cover

I am a bit embarassed because my dancing is not that great, and my nerves were super stiff but I had fun to film this with my sister. Got7 is my favorite kpop group ūüôā


Introverting much?

I don`t know if it`s just me ¬†-you know being slow and all- ¬†but I learned what an introvert is not too long ago. An awesome post here to explain being an introvert more in-depth by Michaela Chung:¬†What is an introvert When I came to Canada, my next school year I was in grade 8... Continue Reading →

Bring it on

When you've received a message/comment from someone , a negative one (not that the subject was something you did wrong, but more their opinion, their view on it). DO NOT,¬†I repeat, DO NOT put yourself down. Ignore that voice inside that keeps on repeating: "you see,¬†I told you so" "everyone thinks the same, they have... Continue Reading →

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