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In this blog I blab about anything, just because writing helps me!! You will come across my Poems, Art, Opinions/Reviews, Stuff I like,….basically anything that inspired me to be better, and sharing with readers is a way to inspire you at the same time!


Randomness about me?

I have 3 boys, 4 with my husband! I might seem bothered, or too quiet but if you get to know me I am just like a kid! I am in a dance group, I dream of publishing a book, creating choreographed dance videos, drawing my own manga, of bringing up my kids the right way in this crazy shenanigan life! and I always stress out about having no time for anything.

I like:

Reading, Writing, Singing, Dancing, giving Advice, Cooking, Photography, Drawing, Sleeping, Coffee, Tea, Mangas, Kpop, Soundtrack Music, Rap, a sweet story line, the Sun, the Rain, Walking, DDR, Smiling, Cartoons, Soup, a good Pillow, cutting my own Hair, when people laugh at my jokes!…



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Shout-out to God, thank you for everything, sometimes I feel lost but I know you are still there to guide me ❤


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