Forget Everything

If you could take all you are, and turn it back into a clean, blank canvas…How would you paint yourself?

If you could create a whole new you, what would you put on this white canvas?

To be made new, to restart.

We try on new attitude, kind of like when we have a new outfit, we feel fresh, confident;

or when we make a new year resolution, we plan it out, we make it a goal…

giphy (5).gif

but something is off, if somehow along the way we fall back into our old routines.

And worst we blame our self.

We feel incomplete, weak, disorganized..

Maybe we may have to think differently.

That every time we accomplish something, even if it’s small, we should cherish and continue even if we don’t see much progress, or even if we failed.

We can always come back up to make it right.

The process all together is important, like when an Artist is focused on his canvas. He will know where his supplies are, it will be messy, everywhere, that mess represents the process to get to this beautiful art piece.

We are blind to think that just like a movie, we finish school, have a career, a family and that’s it, there is a happy ending.


We have to take action,

Forget everything else that has not made you grow.

Forget the bad habits a d equipped yourself with better ones.

Daily we should practice in everything else we do in our life.

We need to practice

Example; If we commit to doing exercises, we won’t be good at first, and it will take time to see changes, practice to get better at it, then you will start seeing the results.

The same way a doctor that has a complicated surgery, you will see him study for it to make sure all his knowledge is well…practiced.

Artists need to keep.. practicing to become better.

It is so simple, yet so hard, but we have to JUST DO IT

A few months back I decided to take on exercising and its been a journey, I had to really throw myself, because I had made multiple commitment to start, but failed every time, because I was not disciplined, thinking motivation will come;

I learned you can’t rush your body, that it will be waves of ups and downs. You will not see results right away. Exercising is a discipline with yourself, no one else will have to push but you.


Forget what happened in the past, Forget what is stopping you, Forget everything, your flaws, your losses,….

Instead: Do your homework, practice your mind, Challenge how to see things, Reflect on your actions, what changes you can make, how can you help others, or how to be a support, put post it notes everywhere to remind you to keep pushing,

Personally I will pray about all this, and continue to work my way up, it won’t take a few prayers, but many many practices ahead, I will understand more.

We all need a confident, and God our creator knows us better than anyone, we need to reach out to him about our difficult times, He does hear us, He does want us to succeed.

And it’s okay, we all lose sometimes,

but when we lose its just an opportunity to win next time,

We might not have a good start but we can have a good finish.


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