Introverting much?

I don`t know if it`s just me  -you know being slow and all-  but I learned what an introvert is not too long ago.

An awesome post here to explain being an introvert more in-depth by Michaela Chung: What is an introvert

When I came to Canada, my next school year I was in grade 8 (french school) but at the end of the year, we were having an end of the year review/discussion, and this fellow student ask me in front of the whole class:

“I know this is random, but I have always wanted to know, why are you always so quiet?”

I felt a bit mortified because as soon as he asked, the whole class turned and looked straight at me (I was at the back row of the classroom so it made a visual effect when they all turned!)

giphy (9)

AAhh how I wish I could have said: “yeah I am an introvert” and that they could have understood… I simply replied the same really but by saying:

“I…err….just like the quiet”

Maybe they thought I was going to answer some grand explanation, but they just turned back to more interesting things after my reply.

giphy (10)

When I finally understood what an introvert was, it made so much sense, because yes I am a shy person, but once you really know me, I am just a ball of goofiness and not shy at all!

The thing that annoys me about being an introvert, is that since most of our population norm are Extroverts, they cannot distinguish that trait in us Introverts,

….maybe that is why we don`t put too much effort for small talks, because maybe we are looking for meaningful conversations instead.

and there are so many other scenarios that I have encountered where I know others would not approach me because:

I am too closed off, or I seem rude, or awkward, or just too quiet

Does this make me less of a human? Less important? We have fun too, maybe more than extroverts! This is why I choose this particular image for my blog post, I feel us Introverts are always labeled as weak or fragile when in fact we are strong-minded but no one sticks around to find that out.

I have to keep saying to myself: Relax it is not a flaw that you have, it is a personality trait that you should embrace even if you are most of the time misunderstood.


I don`t know how many times someone has said something to me, and I did not respond what I was thinking, because I needed to think about it, and then I would go home and be like:

“crap, I should have said that”

…oh wait, maybe that was my slowness kicking.

“The thing about introverts;
we wear our chaos on the inside where no one can see it.”

Michaela Chung

Another great post here: 10 mistakes introverts do

Which talks about what we can do to improve ourselves in a sense not to shut ourselves off from the world, I know I do that and a lot of times I end up feeling lonely.

Don`t beat yourself up, only improve yourself even if that is done by yourself, or maybe find someone who is more like you and mentor each other.

Let`s stick together Introverts! Are you out there?

giphy (11)


One thought on “Introverting much?

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  1. I think some people are introverts because most times they don’t know what to say at a particular time.

    Sometimes ago, I was an introvert, I never wanted to talk because the right words won’t come unless I think about it later at home.

    Nice post😊.

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