Looks like I’m going for a Swim


I have been dipping my feet into dancing for years! I am talking about dancing. i have not fully let myself dance freely, let myself learn to dance.

It was some time in 2017 that I decided no more dipping my toes, I am going to:

STOP watching other people dance and wish I could be them,

STOP thinking I am too stiff to dance at all.

and STOP being lazy an unmotivated.

So I started taking some drop-ins hiphop classes in Toronto/Brampton areas and this has helped so much. Getting into the rhythm, feeling the music, Boosting Confidence.


When I was around 10 years old, I remember watching “Sister act 2” and I told my Sunday School teacher I wanted us to do something similar at church but I got brushed off, because of regulations aka would not be appropriate for church! Plus, really, who listens to a little child with this kind of idea, not many.

Then around 14 years old, I was in a different church, and I expressed my wanting to do something like that again, I suggested just singing, but was shut down by the lack of friends/support I had there.

The teachers didn’t think the other youth would accept. Those same kids would pick on me and my only friend at the time so there was no way I could pick myself up from this bummer and I decided to just leave it alone.

I never picked up dancing because I just knew I sucked and there is no coming back from that.Period. I did not even put my mind to think about it…and when the time came for me to dance, I would make the dancing stick come out!


After having 3 kids, the only dancing skill I acquired was as far as “Dance Dance Revolution”.

So I decided to step out of all the insecurities, fear, feeling embarrassed, and being super lazy…

I am going for it! I’m learning to dance, and i suppose it would be same as swimming, one day at a time or one movement at a time…

Even if I am not learning full on, and just doing drop in classes, it does really help, my schedule allows only that for now, and at home I follow kpop choreos too on my tv  ^.^

About that, I was stressed other learn dances faster than me, but I already battled this out….I don`t care how long it takes me, I am going at my own pace, pushing outside my box, having fun in the process and building confidence.

I hope if you have felt discouraged like me, or never had a chance, you can do it, push yourself and do not give up.

thanks for reading 😀

So here is a little choreo work we learned in Toronto (bloopers at the end is my fav part)

My dream would be to achieve something like below. This is an AWESOME christian dance group! this dance is intense! These guys have workshops, so if you live in california….well you can go, I can`t! From where I stand there is 1 day car drive to there lol.




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