When It Matters

There is a time for everything

and everything has its season

My husband and I lived together since I was 19…


we both had good jobs and were waiting for our 1st son to be born; 1 thing I wanted to share as it has helped me to be satisfied about my life:

From that beginning, we have never stressed over how our home looked like, what I mean is, here we are, a young couple that looks too young based on adults perceptive; we lived in this tiny apartment, and we had basic furniture we bought from a 2nd hand store, i think we spent a total of $60.00 for storage furniture and we were ecstatic.

Why is this information useful?

Well now that our 1st son is 10 years old, I can say, we have experienced furniture breaking, not fitting in a new home, needing more storage…

So we never fussed over how our place looked, we never wasted money on materials/decorations that would only be temporary, I know that is what a lot of us are worried about, we stress about our friends, our parents/relatives, what they might think, that they will judge us, our place looks messy, unorganized, cheap…

Shoo away these terrible thoughts.

giphy (2)

People have given us furniture over time (bleessseeed!) and we have bought small % of furniture over the years. and let me tell you, I have been happy that way.

Now that we own a house to ourselves, and our kids are older (still in the ‘destroy everything around you’ phase) we have looked over the furniture we have had and have now and rather than spending 1000$ + in temporary stuff over 10 years, we have had to chance to put those funds towards getting our house, YAY!

Maybe you don’t have it as hard, and maybe you have the money to spend on furniture or even money you inherited and that’s great, we just started from the bottom and now we are here and I wanted to mention a tip that has helped us, if it helps you then I am glad.

Sometimes we rush to get everything perfect around us, but truth is there is a time for everything, and everything has its season. Don’t let other’s dictate your life, if what is important to you in that season is taking care of your newborn then put all your energy on that, upgrades should comes at its right time.


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