Moment’s Gone

I was listening to a nice R&B background beat music…you know…to relax!

and I was starting to sing some nice lyrics, I was absorbed by my unexpected freestyle and while this was happening -cooking at the same time- I was looking for my phone because any creativity I might come up with, I need to record.

So here I am trying to find my phone, it’s not on the kitchen counter top where I had put it…

And then I realized one of the kids took it and as I call him over to hurry and give me the phone, by the time he shows up I could not remember the 1st part I had come up with, I tried to record and did not feel the moment anymore, so I gave him back the phone and said to myself:

“Moment’s gone”

There are so many times -being an artsy parent- that I chose to let go of the fulfillment of my creativeness world, and I put my mommy mode on.

So my point comes to this, if you are like me and craving to do something, ANYTHING for yourself, do it.

-Plan to have extra time in the morning (I know you want to sleep…I do too)

-Make a routine that you can get used to and use that time to just do you.

I take turns on what I want to work on and dedicate a slot in my schedule for it.

Right now I am practicing my dancing…..yes….you read this right


In my routine, I wake up at 5:50 to get my hubby’s lunch/breakfast ready…once he leaves, I start cleaning the kitchen, getting lunch boxes packed, and getting the kids OUT of the house and to school.

Theeeeen once they are gone *evil laugh* I have a bit over 30 minutes for my time.

I always feel like I am running a race that does not end, and if you feel the same, you are not alone.

Another matter is I am 30 but I loooooooooooove dancing (mostly trying to cover kpop dances), and I always stress about recording myself and posting these videos, I mean all the young people are doing it..

Then I complain (my sister hits me when she hears me say: “I’m too old for this anyway”)

Honestly I know I need to shut that voice up!

the only thing it does is destroy our inner confidence….won’t let it.

So do what you love, those people who don’t believe in you or don’t like what you came up with ….well too bad for them, those who care will appreciate IT and who knows you could inspire someone else on the way.

There will ALWAYS be a negative comment or criticism, but turn those into ONLY constructive feedback.

and even if I end up looking goofy while I dance, well I can only get better from here, I am still growing up and my age should not define my capabilities. (I will post these dances, I planned it since last December but I have been waiting for spring to record outside as we’ve had an ice/snow storm last weekend! so wait for it…or don’t!)

Are you ready to shine?

Make the moment happen,

Even if you are your only audience


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