Be like a Moth

I had never taken a biology class in highschool, I did take it a couple of years ago, thinking I should  go into nursing but I was missing this class…sooooo I passed the class….but I did not go into nursing!

Anyway…so one thing I do remember from the course -maybe the only thing I remember- is how animals can change colors, appearance based on the environment that is placed in front of them.


google: brown moth vs white moth

In this example: Moths could be Brown of color, but as they grow and multiply, let’s say their environment changes; they lived where there was lots of trees but humans cut down most trees from their environment and now they have lots of buildings around them; so now the Moths will evolve and start changing their colors to a grey color to match their environment color (color of the buildings) that way they can camouflage and be adaptable in their environment, solution to avoid their prey…

NOOOWW that I have lost half the readers….This is the same I would say as we have routines in our lives, if our routines change (you have a new baby, you’ ve moved, you are not in your long time relationship anymore…) , basically anything that changes in your life, be aware of adapting to it, find solutions to new challenges, new routines…adapt yourself.

Camouflage is also a synonym of waiting. it could also be interpreted in the sense if there is a conflict in your life, maybe you need time to ponder over it, think over a best strategy, but don’t close yourself that the ones you love/that are close to you don’t know if you need support, or someone to talk to.


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