Sugar in my Coffee please

I love stories that are buttered all over, stories that overflow with sweetness.

Lots will say: “oh! you mean corny stories?”

but my bottom line is always: “People will say anything, does not mean I have to concern myself with it!”

It’s not like my husband is into love stories, he is more into action ones, yet he is the honey in my life. The secret is, the way we take care of each other in the simple things.

I am not saying he has to remember your birthday, cause it probably took 10 years for my babe to remember mine!

It’s really those things that usually we are doing only in the beginning. in the newlyweds phase.

..But why make it stop there?

..Because you see each other everyday?

..You are too deep in daily routines?

Well forget it, I don’t care if my life wants to suck me in, I will flirt with my husband and be good to him as much as I can.

Isn’t it how we speak in the beginning anyway? I want to spend all my time with you? so what has changed?

Listen, my husband is not the cuddling type, but me doing little gestures here and there, it bounces off, your partner will return those gestures naturally. (as well as anything else you do for each other)

Aside from remembering to being sweet with the ones you love, I love reading these stories of simple love. To remember to love that person for who they are, teach each other how you feel and what you want out of each other.

The more you talk, the more you will fondly understand your hearts, and the more you will want to make it better…


So, I wanted to recognize 2 of these strong stories on not giving up, both mangas are by the same Author/Illustrator: Io Sakisaka.

She is a Japanese manga artist and I cannot say how much I love the art in these mangas. (there is also movies)

Ao Haru Ride & Strobe Edge. I would recommend to read the mangas first to get a full feel on the stories ^.^


Ao Haru Ride (Blue spring ride)

I have read the manga and enjoyed the live action, it has an awesome soundtrack!

It is a story about a 17 year old girl, Futuba Yoshioka, that is introduced in the story having friendship difficulties, at the same time she encounters an old ‘friend’ she knew in middle school named Kou.

In middle school, Kou which was always sweet and shy left the school without warning or contact, leaving Futuba in confusion and heartache, as he was her only male friend and they had started a sweet friendship.

Then one day at school, this guy crosses her path and looks strikingly like her old friend but does not have the same name and seems to have a completely different personality: cold, harsh and big mouthed.

She find out, it is in fact the same person.

Tsubasa Honda as “Futaba Yoshioka” & Masahiro Higashide as “Kou Mabuchi”

What I love about this story is Futuba is determined to do the right thing,

she makes great friends in the way, and reminds us to stand up for the right things even though she finds it tough.

Both the movie and manga are both special to me and I would give them both a 10/10.

I read/heard a lot of people did not enjoy the acting, but I definitely did, their emotions and expressions matched the the story line for me, Futuba seems strong willed but at times very week.

I must confess my personality is at times like hers, so I could only sympathize and love her character even more.

Of course we all go through ups and downs, a strong character throughout all a story will not make me believe in her/him because I would not be able to relate.

I hope we can all learn to have faith and work out whatever deep we have in our heart that suffocates us from loving fully our person. Train yourself to get there. Love will always be stronger.

(loooove this fan made mv!)


Strobe Edge

I thought that at my age I would get tired of these types of stories that take place in high school, but honestly, it’s not the setting that takes me in, it’s really how the characters deal with their issues and of course the sweetness of the love story.

Kinoshita Ninako who confesses her love to Ichinose Ren, a boy at her school. She knows he has a girlfriend, but wants to let him know her feelings anyway, accepting his rejection with gladness.

Kasumi Arimura as “Ninako Kinoshita” & Sota Fukushi as “Ren Ichinose”

Ninako has a gentle spirit and same as our previous story’s main character, she is determined with her feelings. Throughout the story she remains Ren‘s friend, and keeps her feelings aside, although everyday that goes by, she cannot stop them from continuing, and it becomes burdening on her heart as situations around her try to bring her down.

(i like fan made videos *.*)

The way I represent this story in my head is both characters are pulled away from both extremities, when they should be together. Will they be stronger than influences around them?


Any career that requires a partner has to have a full on open communication and trust so should relationships. We are against life, responsibilities, temptations, bills, no time, chores, work…

so don’t forget to love deeper than all these things.


Little comparison between the 2 stories, go girl!


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