In the Long Run

I like watching scary movies but at times I’m so horrified that I don’t want to finish it; then my husband reminds me, better you finish it so you can see the end; if you don’t, you will wonder what happened and be more scared. Same goes with life, we don’t know what will be the outcome,


I am pressing on the words;

Don’t give up.

Don’t be so afraid that you don’t feel like continuing; but chase for good things.

In the long run, would you say you tried different ways to fix whatever it is? Or Are you waiting for things to change on their own?

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Maybe you say ‘It’s not easy’, but I hope you know that God is the light and whenever I want to give up, he pulls me back up and if that’s a relief for me, I would want it to be for you to; you can talk to him as a friend, he is a good listener.

Everyday live your moments. Small or insignificant to others, do what makes you happy, even if it takes time. If the only thing you can do is take breathes to keep going, then do. As your pages are turning don’t stop here, there are still chapters ahead. Until that book closes, we must anticipate that it will end well.

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Anticipate is a synonym of ‘to prepare for’, so makes choices that will prepare your through the better times ahead.

You might want to give up on a friend, a love, family member, or yourself, but I wand to remind you: Work harder at making those bad moments and transforming them into resolutions, caring about how another might be feeling, stepping up and giving someone hope, encouragement…There will be Hellos and Farewells so in the mean time, let’s be kind to one another.

In the long run, we are here I believe to bring light in a dark world.

So what if someone hurt you, what if they are going through harder times you know nothing about? Aren’t we all learning?

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Practise giving Love:

Giving Love could be millions of things; a smile, hug, hand shake, an advice, , sharing a lunch, a comforting thought, active listening, admitting your wrongs, praying together, giving a gift, lending a hand, making time for someone, seeking help…we can say all the excuses we want, but we need to take the time to make this world a bit brighter.

Give Love

To someone that does not get enough of it/ even to someone who you might feel does not deserve it (’cause they do)

Give Love

To your loved ones, hold them tight, tell them they matter (they might not feel valued inside)

Give Love

To a friend that might be far away from your heart, pass them a little note

Give Love

To your parents, they worked hard to raise you as best they could, you should always give them props

Give Love

To your kids, being a kid should be the Best kinda Fun, so don’t forget to enjoy it with them, be a kid too

Give Love

To yourself


Push through hard times and leave your troubles to God, he will worry about your biggest fears, you just take one step at a time, every step gets you closer to a better you.


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