Have you Noticed…You ?


We always have a struggle in telling ourselves: ‘I am beautiful’

We zoom in on our flaws and think “I will never be beautiful”

But we lie to ourselves constantly, over and over, the same story we tell ourselves. Why can’t we reverse that ?

All you have to do is take that step and instead of telling yourself “I’m so ugly”, “I’m gross”, make a plot twist and say it, out loud or silently in your head, over and over again “I am beautiful”.

You can also say it has a 2nd person “you are beautiful” if it’s to hard to say “I” and even though everything in your being will try to not make you say the opposite, or mock you or laugh at you or still not make you believe, all you have to do is close your eyes, don’t listen to those voices in your head or even people around you that have said this to you, and breathe. Breathe and keep saying it, over and over…I am beautiful… Until all those other times of “I don’t amount”, “I’ m ugly”, “she is better than I could ever be”, until all those words that have been swimming in your head for years, diminish, slowly evaporate.

You will have so much of good things about you that you would have told yourself, what will happen then?

Your confidence will go up

You will want to change anything to lift you up

You will stand taller

your heart will be lighter

and you will believe you are beautiful…but not only believe, you will actually see that

you are and always were beautiful. you just had a fog of ugly words circling your mind, you just could not see it.

That’s the enemy trying to win, but you are stronger and you have to take the first step. And if it is too hard, look to your higher power.

God who made you and always wanted you to believe you are beautiful from the day he chose you to be in this world.

Smile girl,

You are Beautiful.


This is an old video and in Indian (turn captions on) but I think it is a beautiful video made not just Indian girls but any girl out there that needs encouragement.

Unblush – find your beautiful

I’ve always wondered

If I could meet myself 25 years ago,

What would I say to ‘little Radhika’

« Gossip less, study more ? »

Or « dont cry if you come second in fancy dress competition »

Or maybe

« You have no idea what all amazing things will happen in your life »


Maybe just few words :

« you’re Beautiful »

Your eyes

They’re beautiful

They aren’t black or blue

Like the lyrics of those stupid romantic songs

They’re dark brown

Have you noticed ?

Like slow roasted almonds

And they’re beautiful.

Your hair

Messy, untidy

And far more stubborn than you are

Dont straighten out those knots

They make you beautiful

Your body is beautiful

It will change

It will be moody

And will allow you so many moments to ‘let go’

Live those moments

No height is ever ‘short’, only perspectives are

The colour of your skin is not like a shade card

Choosing which happiness will arrive

Your crooked feet

Teeth that would scare a dentist

Laughter that wakes up

And this habit

They are all beautiful

When you grow up

Peoples will say, ‘you’re not a well behaved indian girl’

First ask these people to define ‘well behaved’

Or ‘indian’ or ‘girl’

When you grow older, so will the rules

Understand when to silently break them

The world will say ‘look like this’, ‘be this’, ‘say that’, ‘become this’

Once try doing what scares you

Dont rent out phases of your life to the judgement of others

This is your life, and only you have to live it

So never stop believing that you are beautiful

Perhaps today you may not know that you are

But one day surrounded by old books

That day will come

This is what i’ll say to this mischievous 17 year old.


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