I Choose to be clear

I didn’t chose to be white…for the record my skin tone is beige not white, and still lacking of vitamin D.

I do want to choose to be clear, transparent, humble.

I want to talk about this issue we are STILL having, I wrote this poem in my frustration and also want to share a spoken word video from Prince EA. Stand up for people who need you, for those who are being mistreated because of their color, stand up for yourself.

Find a resolution.

Stop Racism.

Why do we continue to dismiss this automated flaw that we have engraved in our heads? We are basically judging based on pigmentation people!! It is a privilege to see color so why do we not appreciate it ? What if we were taken this opportunity to see color away, and we were all to see gray?

Do we not stop to realize that you, me, all of us out there were not born choosing our color? Of course the answer will be ‘well duh..obviously’ then WHAT is wrong with us still accepting to diffuse a judgmental affirmation in our brain!!!

Not only that, but some of our cultures have implemented for us to judge by the color of our skin, and some of us have categorize certain people instead of getting to know the individual for who they are inside.



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