Mix it all Together, What do you get?


When you are in a situation, I cannot just tell you to have courage but to also be kind.

In other words your tone, attitude in an argument is essential that those traits be positive to have the argument less fueled.

Of course I grabbed this quote from the ‘Cinderella’ movie, and she would be a perfect example on having courage but also kindness, hence why they repeat that phrase multiple times in the movie!… but her being mistreated for so long, always putting on a brave face and doing the right thing every time is key to the end of the story: she marries the prince and becomes more blessed than she could have imagined.

(that dress though! <3)cinderella-spinning

I am not saying it is easy, there are hard situations out there, but this would be a practice you would have to build for yourself.

You can think of examples in your head, saying if this person said this to me, how would I respond?

There is no shame in saying I have done this before, in front of the mirror, and I tried responding to my mean question but it took me a few tries before I was satisfied. I would not want to be standing in front of someone and freeze because I am not sure of how to answer.

But really I am very slow when it comes to people saying the wrong thing to me and me not thinking it was mean because I would not think they could do such a thing to being with. . . . . .


POINT IS…remember to mix courage and kindness together and believe in the end you will be rewarded. Belief is the spices you add in your dish, if you don’t put that in, your dish will taste bland, believe in yourself.



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