Short Story: I Wore Your Necklace that Day

I wore your necklace that day, I wore it because this whole time we were preparing for our big day, I have been admiring you.

I have felt the joy of how much enthusiasm you have showed through naturally, and the motivation you kept giving me when on my part, I wanted to give up.

That we succeeded or not at the end of the day, is not what is important, I look at it that what was crucial to me, is the drive you left in me to continue until I improved.

Remember only one thing, to continue thriving no matter the circumstances. And to stay true to yourself and do all you can, Don’t give up on that.

And that is the reason I wore the necklace you gave me on the day of, because not only I wanted God to be with me but I also wanted you to be with me.


This was a short short story, but no matter what is coming up in your life OR someone else’s life around you, we all need support at the end of the day. Why do we create teams to achieve a project? The answer is so the team members can support each other on ideas sharing, coming up with a plan, strategies, …and a final product;

Concluding a team is to build support, encourage, benefit and what we need to do is to be there for someone, to be their support and lift them up, even in simple ways and this will strengthen them even if we cannot see, even if we think what we said or did was for nothing, even if it was, well guess what, good karma does go around too.

PS: If you do not know how to encourage someone, start by being a good listener, that could go a long way because in this time we live in, it is hard a find someone who will just simply listen.

Photography from by Elijah Henderson

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