Don’t Speculate What You Don’t Interrogate


We often say: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, or “Don’t jump to conclusion”

Now can I add: “Don’t speculate what you don’t interrogate”

What I am trying to say is don’t assume things without checking your facts. It has happen to me so many times, I assume things that are not true; unfortunately this is our nature.

We have complicated emotions, and when things do not go our way, we quickly feel angry, point fingers, blame others, we need to prove ourselves, defend ourselves…Stop…

We need to take time to pause, think and try our best to understand every situation that comes our way.

This is the same idea as gossiping really, we hear information that excites us about someone, we hear a scandal that shocks us, and we believe it WITHOUT checking with the person being talked about; and the problem is we ENJOY hearing these things!


There is actually someone in my life who believes an untruth about me, but they have never come to ask me if it is true, ever! They still walk around, believing lies and telling others about it, when some come to check their facts, I deny it, but the assumer is still going around…well…assuming !



I could face them, but let’s see how long it will take them to ask me about it!

Also you have to understand, some people create their own lies about you in order to make you look bad in other people’s eyes, or also to feel better about themselves. To bring the attention to someone other than their falling selves, so in the end, do not get mad, confront the subject (with respect of course) if you feel the need to, and don’t waste your energy where it is not worth it.



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