Sooo… You are giving up?…

…pretty much!


What do I have to say for myself…..I have ZERO inspiration these days..mmm….weeks… I mean I try to pick myself up to write or draw or something but nothing comes to my brain.

I have started a couple of blog entries but I am not satisfied. This is how I feel, I start something and feel like a failure…


I try to get motivated but nothing seems to work,


This is how I fight with my brain everyday..


Anyway, sorry if I am blabbing, this is supposed to be a positive energy type of blog. But truth is, we all know we all go through landslides at times where we need to find our point of getting back up, so I am working on it, it is a self-discipline, and no, I will not be giving up. Plus a writer’s tip is “better write something than nothing at all”, so here is to my readers…if any!!

I just feel there are only routines in my life and even though I get ideas on writing or drawing, the will of pursuing it is not strong enough. My life is packed with busy and my biggest enemy is time. The only thing I get done is my everyday cleaning…………BOOOOORING! Here is a list:

  1. Had to give up my dancing practices with my dance group *tears* as my full time work schedule ruled over it.
  2. I want to draw a manga, even if it’s tiny (that would probably take me 50 years!) but my drawing skills are limited and there is no super drawings that I came up with. I feel my drawing skills are reverting back to grade 1 talent.
  3. Writing a story, but yeah I am stuck at chapter 5, have been for the past months -____-
  4. My reading is rocky these months too, I read 1 chapter here and there and even though it is a great book (the book of madness and cures) it’s not exciting me.

In those times, I actually had someone ask me where do I see myself in the future, this gif below describes how I felt:





…………………………….okay….okay, one positive thing is I am working out every 2 days, not a lot but it is something, I also try to practice my hip hop moves but I am a stick when it comes to hip hop dancing! Maybe I should start a rapping career but that would go downhill too! HA, anyway world, be at peace, I will pray for better days and for motivation to kick in…not only for me, I know we all need strength, remember hard days come but they go too.

peace out !

Here is my favorite Kpop band, BTS, with their music video “Save Me” @.@  I love this song so enjoy!

I never been to a concert, so if I had to pick my first one, it would be BTS ^.^ Their dancing is too good to not see live.


Quote below is a re-wording of the lyrics (J-Hope’s part 1:57), I changed the wording to make it rhyme 😀

unsplash alexander lam3



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