When Gossip comes

Gossip is everywhere, call it whatever you like:

  • tales
  • dirty laundry
  • slander
  • rumors…

we are all guilty as well as victims of the whispers that unleash in the air like toxic gas.

I am only here suggesting to practice a new way for blocking these ongoing old farts.


When someone charges, loaded with gossip, you can either do run away :



or you can try and tame them:



but what we need to do more is defend the person that is non-present. we do not need to add more attackers but instead protectors.


Someone comes to talk to you about someone else that is not there, physically not there. Ponder on what they are saying, think and find a way out.

I mean, what kind of truth comes out of gossips? what assumptions can we really make about someone? how can a person misrepresent someone so easily? don’t we all go through rough times, or make bad decisions…?

The gossipers might think they are just talking, but there are habits that you can make for yourself, some bad , some good, so focus on good habits.

Some Antonyms for “gossip” are:

  • quiet/silence
  • fact
  • glorification

Go ahead and reverse gossip talk with not responding to what they say, respond with nice facts about the subject, glorify that person to be able to defend her/him.

Put on your suits people and start defending!





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