Secret to the Best Day

David Mao23


How do your mornings start?:

Annoying alarm? Being late?

Cup of coffee that spills on your clothes?

Remembering you had a assignment to do that day?

Getting all the kids ready?

Driving through traffic or being bumped in a crowded bus?


However your morning starts and however you feel (frustrated, exhausted, stressed, not wanted to be there)

I found a trick!

A real secret to having a great day.

Of course you have heard: wake up earlier/have a big breakfast/prepare things the night before/Spend time to relax by yourself… These are all great advices, don’t get me wrong. I am just sharing a plus for you to do.


To anyone you see/encounter/meet/bump into, tell them:

“have a great day”

what will the other person respond?:

“you too”

It’s that simple!

nani williams2

The point is what are words for? why are they used? why do we even bother saying “good morning”, “have a great day”, or “good to see you”? Are we just saying these things out of getting it over with? “get out of my face” type of thing? Even our smiles are routines, generated every day and most of the time have lost their meaning.

My opinion is words are used for good things or for bad things aka for blessing or for cursing. So the more you say have a great day or other good words that you pass on to a loved one, to a stranger:

  1. You are blessing their day and therefore doing something good which will make you feel great.
  2. They will respond (should respond) with a blessing to you as well.
  3. The more you do this, the more sincere, positive, caring you will start to be; therefore having more great days to follow.


It has been a while since I thought about this. I always encounter people in the elevator, and it is silent and awkward. or you pass someone and there is no smile, no caring. Where is that respect of acknowledging we are all humans, we are all going through life, hard times, good times.

I am just promoting good words, so go ahead: shout them out to as many as you can, you never know who you will lift up.


Remember This:

Typewriter Series #229 by Tyler Knott Gregson
Typewriter Series #229 by Tyler Knott Gregson


Smile no matter what – God knows


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