We are all prisoners

gili benita2


You never know how your future will end up

and as we go about our day we need to remember

we are all granted of forgiveness no matter the actions

yes some have committed crimes: some were committed under pressure, some are disgraceful, unjustifiable, unbelievable, psychotic and some are just plain hurtful…

But remember that these men, women are still humans, they are still part of us, as we are one people.

Who still roams the streets?

people that are selfish, greedy, thieves, liars, bullies, abusers, mockers, egoists, disbelievers, negative, bitter, doubters, cheaters, fakes, hypocrites…

Why are we or prisoners any different when we commit these faults, big or small, hidden or known to the world. We are all in a cage, some are still able to put their feet over and walk away, prisoners are not. It’s time some break these limits around us before they really become real.


Open your eyes to forgiveness, be a friend to someone, be compassionate to a stranger, pray for your enemies, think of others first instead of yourself. Be generous, say good morning to the people around you, be positive, be a support, smile, be real, do good, remember those who don’t have it as good as you.

Poem stats at 02:19

Clint Smith: Beyond This Place from Future Of StoryTelling on Vimeo.

Think about them, we are one people



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