Bring it on

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When you’ve received a message/comment from someone , a negative one (not that the subject was something you did wrong, but more their opinion, their view on it).

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT put yourself down.

Ignore that voice inside that keeps on repeating:

you see, I told you so

everyone thinks the same, they have all been lying to you not to hurt your feelings

“she’s right”
We will have none of that nonsense thank you!
I prayed “God why would this person say this, I feel so insecure now” (sometimes the person did not even mean it in the wrong way but it unfortunately sounded negative)

Well well my friends, in due time God responds. A couple of days later, I actually had two different women bringing up this subject and telling me all the good things about it.

What a relief, my confidence fired up again. Praying to God is not just words in the air, He listens and if you have not heard his answer, it’s only because you were not quiet enough, stop letting negative words get loud in your head.

A positive thought comes quietly, Listen for it, and let it in.

A negative thought is loud, always barging in uninvited.

Kick that one out.

Welcome confidence in.

Have a strong will to believe only the good, accept only what is right.

I listened to the positive….what did that first woman say again?!?!!!!!

P.S.: When someone says something that bothers you (whether it was intentional or not), have a Michelle Rodriguiez from Girlfight movie attitude about it…and I do not mean to go beat these people up lol, I am saying beat the negative words out of your being!

Like in the movie Girlfight:

Trainer: Inside, you know yourself?

Diana: Yeah

Trainer: Then that’s all you need

love this movie, here is the trailer


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