I am a Witness…Once Again!

lechon kirb

There has been multiple times that God sent me a sign, a sign to remind me not to give up at a time i was broken, a sign that I would get a job I had just interviewed for, that money will come our way…and many more…

and yet again, I was pressing on an issue, I wanted it to go my way, but it was rejected and it did not happen.

I did not understand, I was cheerless and down for a couple of weeks.

But now I see why God made this happen, it was for a reason, it actually works on my favor that no changes were made for my situation.

God has blessed me once again, and to think I was sad for a while was for nothing

Trust in the Lord, do not worry about tomorrow

and the answer always comes.

Am I a witness to another of God’s wonderful works?




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