Short Story ~ She got bit by a Wolf

It was a regular, sunny day, nothing seemed suspicious, or wrong, and there I saw them both, this lovey girl and her friend that I could not make out from where I stood. They were passing by, through this small forest. Her friend had brought her here:

“come, it is going to be fun” The figured said, dragging her along the unknown that surrounded her.

The lovely girl, shy and hesitant let herself be taken out of curiosity.

Suddenly, appearing from nowhere,  a Wolf. Big and menacing. She stumbled on her tracks, falling hard. Dark with big eyes, the wolf showed no mercy on the frightened little face that could not escape his large teeth.

The friend vanished out of sight, and the wolf, not giving the scared figure a chance of rescue, opened his menacing mouth to bite her; she screamed in anguish with no sound to escape her.

She stopped responding instantly, leaving her beautiful life behind.

All I could do was stand there. I could not move, I felt pain as if I was the girl myself.

It was tragic, her family was devastated, I  had to tell them what had happened, and the whole time that I was present I felt an agony in my body, they were reacting the right way, desperate for her return, desperate to know why she was chosen to her death.

I woke up then, and still felt shaken up from the whole dream, or nightmare I should word it.

Sophie Moussa / Short Story


Short story of a dream I had one night.

My piece of advice is, be careful if there is any wolves in your lives, they might be disguised as a nice lovely person, and then hurt you in the end.

Or you might be with a friend that brings you to an unsual place that becomes an unsafe one,

Or who knows, a situation might just jump at you from nowhere, without you ever doing anything wrong.

Point is…Beware of the wolves in your lives.

We might not be able to fight them off, and no one else would be able to help. but I know one who can, it is God. Start praying people!



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