If I Became a Millionnaire…


If I was to become rich, even though we don’t play the lottery, or anything like that, but “if” i was to become a millionaire, the first thing would be to seperate fair amounts to family to help them out, putting a down payement for a house….and all that good stuff……..

But the one dream I have, is to have a room, full of books, that would be a library and an art room altogether…Just the thought of a room full of books just gives me an electric good feeling shock all over. . . . One day…….

0415grantwhitedesign imagesCAI8WYK7 living-room-open-bookshelves-725


2 thoughts on “If I Became a Millionnaire…

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  1. What a great post. I have always said the same thing, that I would have a floor to ceiling library. I am also the kid who used to ask my mom if we could move into Barnes & Noble every time we shopped there….oh dreams!


    1. That’s so funny, everytime i go into Chapters myself, i think: “this could be the best job ever!” but then thinking about it, it would not pay much and the money that i would get would be spent on these books, so no point there!! haha ! Thanks for your comment by the way, i am liking your blog !


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