What Really Matters

ryan tauss3

(this is a continuous from post What Matters)

I have thought for a while, when you have a great idea, and you talk to someone and then they take the credit for it, it sucks beyond frustruation. Espacially if suddently they look like the hero and you look like…well…nothing.

BUT..Hold on a moment…

As it hit me, thinking about it more and more, have you realised as I have, that maybe they needed to be the hero in that moment, and I didn’t. it sucks of course, but why do we run for being the best in the first place, run for being recognised, look at ME, look at Me, I did THAT, I am the BEST…

Do you think the person next to you gets that title at all?
Pass on the good and let someone be a hero for once, even if it costs you. God sees you, and knows your heart.
Don’t frail, He’s always there beside you, and that should be enough, God already sees you as BEST, He recognizes your good, He knows when you pass on the good to others. He loves you for that

…Pass on the Title…

Goodnight Folks



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