How many time have you given me Strength?

oscar keys3

All of my 3 kids have been sick on and off these past weeks, it is very hard and challenging. I had to take days off work because I had no other options, and taking care of their sickness, it has just been crazy. I did get sick myself at one point but had to go to work as I could not miss another day because only I am sick!!!

Anyway, just letting this out, I am tired, uninspired, tired, worried, tired, discouraged and more tired!

Tonight I am going out with my mother and going to the movies with my best friend – going to watch “The Rise of the Guardians“, really hope it’s good, and cannot wait to go with her as it has been a while since we didn’t catch a movie together (since 17 again!! )

PS: Every year, on WNetwork, “The Holiday” movie goes on. Two years in a row, I started watching it, and really liked it, but something comes up, that I have to miss half of the movie, GRRR! So this year, it came on last Friday, made a date with my hubby to watch it and BAM!!! We went Christmas shopping, and I forGOT all about the movie!!!! WHYYYY? Anyway I asked a couple of people at work if they had the movie, so i will be getting it Thursday!!! ……..Hopefully.  I know I can just go and buy it, but…..Yea…I am cheap!

For Challenging Times:

God, how many time have you given me strength? Thank you for all you give me to keep going!


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