Two faced…Why not!

josh felise2

I am getting tired of the lies in between smiles coming from people. You think:

“wow, this person is awesome”

just to stab you later on with the whole

“you know what I heard…”


I mean don’t give compliments if you need to reverse it after, talking behind people’s backs, you are not hurting me, you are hurting yourself…

I am cool on my side, that you give me a compliment or not, I  don’t make any efforts for you or anyone, I don’t show up here, away from my family, to hear bull that you do not believe in the first place. I do my thing and leave. That is what I do every day. None of any efforts that I do make are for you to begin with.

I am just tired of the two faces.

It is already stressing enough to show up, But NOOOO…Here let’s add some two faces to add some pleasantness…lol people wake up to your nonsense already!!


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