Be a Peach instead

viktor jakovlev2

I have been a lemon lately, what i mean is , I have been bitter. Right now at my position, I am just not enjoying anything, I don’t want to be here and I am tired of idiots. But by me being so sour like this, i am being an idiot myself..CRAP! it sucks but i’ve got to SUCK IT UP !!!

Sometimes you just feel like you are stuck somewhere where it is dreading everyday passing by.

But have faith, keep a smile, just hang on, and pray, it will all turn out for the better.

And just me being here and keeping a positive attitude throughout the crap that wants to be thrown in my face, soooo

Having patience, will benefit for the next best thing i know will come into my life. When will that be? When God decides it is the right time.

And just look at that, I have not even blogged in weeks, maybe a blog here and there about a quote and a poem, but truth is, I have not been inspired at all. I even have a list of things to blog about…I am just not inspired! MISERY!!

I shall not be a lemon…

I will be a peach!!


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