Evil knocked at my door this morning

If evil knocked at your door this morning,

Did you let it in?

Did you let it take over?

Did you let it damage you?

or your family, people who love and care for you?


Take it by it’s back and kick it out of your house.

Why would you want to let it get control of you?

Can’t you see it is hurting you, hurting the ones around you?

I won’t let it come into my house.

I won’t even open the door slightly.

God is standing by the door

I told him to come to protect my house, my home.

and He is, strong and powerful, He is our shield.

He is my protection against evil.

Will you let Him in to be your strenght too?

Did you even ask him?

What are you waiting for?

Why do you let evil in?

Why do you let evil rot in you house?


Start cleaning today, all those hidden thilthy spots,

just take the bleach and that toothbrush and clean every hidden corner.

Let God in, let him in to all your hidden hurts.

Your bad sides.

Your flaws.

Your rough edges,

He wants to polish them.

Are you going to let Him in to stand for you?

Hey! Are you listening! Are you going to finally let Him??????


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