Short Story ~ A message worth waiting for

A couple years passed since both his father’s and mother’s passing, and still he would hold on to all the regrets he had and all the sadness that followed.

He just wanted to see them again, just one more time, to embrace them, kiss them, look at them for a second or even hold them just for a little to be able to feel them close to his heart, as now they felt more distant than ever.

Alas time and distance never allowed him to enjoy the little things he missed throughout the years, and simply wanted all the good moments back.

But they’re gone, and just the thought of it, ached his whole being, his whole soul and he felt like a big part of who he is, is no more.

Holding on to that pain does not feel good, or right. But what if he lets go, what would become of his memories, of his laughter or cries for them, of what made them unique, what made them be?

So many questions, no answers, just silence, and tears for company.

And then something happened, as the days went on as they always did, looking through his books on the shelf, he noticed a book he had not read for some time, one of his favorites; at that moment he decided he should read it again.

As he opened it, the pages took him to a picture he had left there long ago. There they were both, his parents, going on a journey somewhere with their car, all packed up and smiling…

It took him a couple of seconds, maybe minutes, seeing them like this, how did it make him feel, how should he swallow all these emotions coming in all at once.

Tears came openly to embrace his torments, his longing for answers.

God…that was his answer, God did it!

He sent him this reassurance, this memory, this gift.

It’s okay, everything is good, and everyone is all right.

 His eyes unable to look at anything else, he takes it all in, they were real, still are, in his heart and his mind, that is what he will hold on to, what he just won’t let go. He will hold on to them forever, from the good to the bad, all the memories, the part of him which made him who he is.

He loves them, and no matter how much he wishes he would have told them that much more,

They already know.

Wherever they are,

They already know.

They will continue to smile down at him, their son, and watch him grow through the years.

As he realizes and accepts this gift, so beautifully given, he will continue to hold on until he sees them again, until then, he whispers slowly: “I miss you, mom, dad, I love you”.

True story

Sophie Moussa

My grandparents

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  1. un brivido attraversa la mia schiena ed una lacrima scende giù. ottimo lavoro Sophie. mi mancano tantissimo loro ;(


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