My 6 favorite cartoon characters

My son Nathan asked me which were my 6 favorite cartoon charaacters, and as I was trying to list them all, there are too many, so I thought I wouldbreak it down.

My top 6 characters (not movies), are :

Woody (toy story) – For his leadership, loyalty and true friendship

Jim (Treasure planet) – For his determination, and his bravery

Rafiki (Lion King) – For never giving up on helping someone on their path and his riddles

Po (Kung Fu Panda) – For how funny he is and always wanting to better himself

Rapunzel (Tangled) – For her childlike nature, and passion for her goals

Anastasia (Anastasia) – For her taking risks and determination to find out who she is

That’s what I have come up with! There are other characters I LOVE too, but these are my main ones.



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