I am not perfect

Hey peeps! Listening to this song with the lyrics is exactly how I felt towards my parents, going back in time to my teenage years so I just want to talk a little about it so that if you have a sibling or son/daughter or even friend in the teenage area that you don’t understand, maybe this can help you.

Now before I start, everyone is different and goes through different issues growing up, so these are my feelings and thoughts. I am writing about my parents, I am not mad at them, or trying to say they were bad parents, I am just stating how I felt, and if you felt or feel like I did, don’t keep grudges towards your family, love them no matter what, and talk about how you feel to them.

This is also a message for parents out there: Don’t be quick in anger with your children, love them first not last:

I didn’t feel accepted. Anything I liked, for example music, they did NOT like it at all (back then it was mostly R&B, Rap and Rock). I know some choices of music are not the greatest, but accept what your kids are listening to ’cause at the end we grow, we start liking other types, and if you hear “bad lyrics” from something we are listening to, don’t freak out, simply tell us of situations that can happen with the subject of the song or the influences music can bring, we might say “yeah yeah I know” but at least you said it and calmly, and we will remember that, instead of getting all mad at you because you freaked out on us.

I felt like what I was doing was never good enough. Parents you need to praise your kids even for the smallest good they have done. Always give a good opinion about it what they have done. If there is something done that is not the greates, i am not saying you have to lie and say it’s good, also give your opinion , your thoughts on it, but always end with a compliment. We will always appreciate that. you were real and support me all at the same time.

I didn’t know what I wanted in life, what to do as a career, and did not feel like my parents helped me in that area enough -of course they won’t know what I should have went into- all I am saying is I did needed a motivation from them, and that if I could not find anything in the end, that it’s ok, I repeat it’s OK!

I did not know how to communicate with them, it is hard as a parent when you see your little baby growing into a woman or man and you can’t talk to them like you did before. But you cannot forget that you still need to speak with your children as much and as patiently possible, to keep that bond, or else it gets harder and harder as they grow. And you need to accept that we are growing and it can’t be stopped, so let your feelings out to us, tell us how you feel too, we want to know. If you think we are not interested, we are, but will only listen to what we want to so don’t make it long, keep it short and memorable.

We used to do so many things together, I have lots of memories, but then, as a teenager, we did not do much, and I only remember my parents always screaming at me or as soon as they come in the house, yell about something that is not done, and that would affect me because, there is never happiness first, it’s always at the bottom of the list, and now I know that they had their own problems to deal with, but don’t take it out on your children! Don’t, seriously, it is not healthy for anyone. If you have your own issues and feel frustruated, find a way to deal with it, and you can also let us know what you’re going through, because we want to know! If you come and say how you feel to your kid (not like crying or drama) but if you just talk about it , your kid will feel honored that you confided in him or her, that you let your feelings out.

At the end, you need to give to get, for example, parents, give your kids that isssue/problem you have been dealing with, let it out and the more you do that , your kid will also confide in you with their issues. Because in the end, when you are a teenager, you don’t know how to express yourself so you find ways to do it, with clothes, music, makeup, style, whatever, so having a parents that is patient, that will listen and respond positively that is what is needed, so parents work on it, do little things every day to improve your relationship with your kids. And remember, it is not because we are ignoring you that we don’t love you, no, we love you more than you know it is just hard to let it out, espacially when everything we say is not accepted, so parents again, accept your kids for who they are, and who they are becoming.

We need the support, we need the love, we need you. A little something to think about!!! Remember, again, we want to know how you grew up as teenagers yourselves, do not leave a gap between the age of yourself and your kid, as if you were never a teenager!

and to all teenagers, stop freaking out about everything, your emotions are everywhere, that is understandable, but relax, and talk to your parents, let them know how you feel, don’t give up on that.


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  1. For me the worst was grades at school, they made me feel like if I couldn’t bring home grades that were over 95% I shouldn’t even bother coming home. This lasted until I graduated! I wish they would’ve helped me instead of just getting mad.


    1. it is hard, and it is so much pressure on us that we are still just kids and we are pressured to get the best grades and to choose the right college/univ., I mean, hold on a minute, do we even know what we want for our own life at that age, most of us don’t, ah que peut t’on faire!!!


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