Joined a new circus

So I joined a new circus, you know with bears and lions that growl at you from their cages at you for no reason? Trainers that order what needs to be done all day long… so what I mean is it’s actually a new job!

Not too bad for the first couple of weeks, just mass information thrown from left to right, so I stand, grab my notebook, my magic pen and transfer all the information on my blank pages, so I don’t need to stress to remember all the info roaring in my head!
The people are nice except for a few hyenas always laughing at the ones who of course aren’t hyenas! But I will keep guard and watch out for any danger I might see coming from the horizon!!

Enough with the weird descriptions!
What I wanted to point out today is that a lot of people have been asking me about how do I do it with 3 kids at home (4 year old, 18 month old, and 3 months baby). Well here is what I say to everyone of you out there:

1. I do what I can
2. Know that this is God’s plan
3. Spend as much time as I can with my family
4. Try to make dinner as soon as I can, if it’s my turn to make it (plan ahead)
5. Sleep late to spend time with my love (sometimes I’d make coffee just to have 2 sips so my eyes don’t close -__-   …don’t do that!)
6. Wake up in the night to feed the baby (care)
7. Look like I got hit by a train in the morning!!

writing this down is funny cause i feel most of the time my brain only remembers 1 and 7…what happened to the rest? well I cared all the way through 7, I am just too tired to remember!
These are just a few sacrifices that my love and I take. We try our best in doing the best we can to satisfy our family.
If you are going through a similar situation, you could have kids or no kids, school, work, family issues, I just want to say that you are not the only one. God (or whoever is your highest being) puts a path in your life to take, just follow him and trust him, he will guide you. We all tend to regret and mope on what life throws at us, but don’t, you will only produce grey hair and wrinkles. (maybe that’s why i already have them!)
I know life is hard, but we only make it harder by stressing about it!


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  1. You are a superwomen with the greatest patience. Everytime were on the phone and your are home with the kids, I can barely hear you! All three kids screaming in the background and your talking with the same low voice. LOL My question to you and all mothers out there is what was your feeling when going home for the first week.


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