Valentine’s day? What are you trying to say?

I believe valentine’s day is a waste of money and keeps grudges if the other does not return the love. I have been in a relationship for other 5 years , we also have 2 kids, and from the start we both agreed that in the end it is valentine’s day, but it is not OUR day. So we put aside the spending of money for flowers that die in a week and chocolates and cards that only make you spend money; and decided why should there be 1 day of the year where you show love to one another, shouldn’t it be every single day? Just a thought

Material things given on a calendar-marked day is only the goverment’s way to make you spend money – And if you’re boyfriend does not get you anything, you have a reason to get mad at him – NO I think that is totally wrong –
You can always give something thoughtful to someone you love on that day or any other day and it will be greatly appreciated just do not expect anything in return, that’s selfishness!


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